Monday, August 5, 2013

Ta Ta For Now :)

Well.... this is it! I cant believe that this time last year I was getting ready for my "big" adventure going away to college and now I'm getting ready to take an even bigger step and even further away! I think a part of me is still in awe and I'm just amazed at how much I have grown in just a few short months. I never thought about going on a mission. Ever. But here I am and I'm so glad that I made this decision. Spencer W. Kimball once said, "Sharing the gospel brings peace and joy into our own lives, enlarges our own hearts and souls in behalf of others, increases our own faith, strengthens our own relationship with the Lord, and increases our own understanding of gospel truths." I am leaving for my mission in hopes that I will be able to accomplish all of those things and more! I'm so grateful to be able to have this opportunity because I know it will be one of the hardest yet rewarding experiences in my entire life. Someone once told me that this wont be the best 18 months of my life, but it will be the best 18 months FOR my life and my biggest convert should be myself. If I can share even a little bit of the happiness that I feel for the gospel with others I think I will have done well. Well time is definitely winding down and seeing as to how I still have to pack i'm going to get out of here!!! Until we meet again! Love you all!!! See ya in 18!

                                                                                                               Sister Scott 

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