Thursday, August 8, 2013


So I made it! After my 14 hour layover in London our plane left the airport around 10pm and we got here around 9am and then we got picked up at the airport and came to the MTC. Let me just say, Africa is beautiful!! We're in Johannesburg which is more urban and it looks just like back home except they drive on the opposite side of the ride and everything is on the left side which is totally weird!!! The MTC director picked us up and he is from South Africa. He is hilarious! He said we come from the "Land of the free and home of the take outs!" We passed a KFC and a Mcdonalds on the way so thats as fast food as it gets! I'm super excited though I really haven't gotten nervous I guess it's just all this anticipation and now the time has finally come! I had to go ahead and get 3 shots already on the first day and we still haven't slept or showered that was definitely no fun. We have alot of elders maybe 30 and 5 sisters. All of us are from the US except one who is from Kenya but she is not here yet because of a fire at the Kenya airport, but hopefully she will get here soon! I already feel ready to just go out and teach people! 
           Oh and this is also what they sent me! For all letters and packages using international postage: Letters can be sent in envelopes using appropriate international postage. Packages should be kept small, clearly marked "Missionary Supplies" and be valued less that P300 ($40) to avoid high custom fees.. Also packages sent by surface mail take about 2 months to arrive in Botswana/Namibia, whereas packages sent by air take about 3 weeks to arrive. Anyway ,Tell everyone I said hello! I will be taking lots of pictures and trying to figure out how to send them  probably Monday so yeah love you guys!

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