Thursday, August 15, 2013

Anyway did i say im having sooooo much fun! I love it here! My companions are Sister Stephens and Sister Jones and they are awesome! Sister Stephens is from Hawaii and Sister Jones is from Utah and we have so much fun!!!! We already decided we make a zebra and we are the same person! We just laugh all day and have so much fun together that it is just making the experience the greatest. So the food is actually amazing! Alot of it is the same as America like chicken and spaghetti and whatnot but I have tried porridge which we have for breakfast and it was surprisingly good. It tasted like malt o meal and then we have pop which is very common in africa. You basically boil water and put in salt and something called maize? It doesnt taste that good and people eat it everywhere so I'll have to get used to it soon!!! So how is everyone? Sister Reber the presidents wife said packages take about 3 weeks to get to us and most of the time they dont get to us so im really not sure what to say about that! And letters take about the same time! I'll just have to email you when I need something so we can figure out how I can get it! I miss you guys alot but im super excited im here! I just am really happy I made the decision. We had a lesson on patriarchal blessings and I made a chart with blessings, commandments, and warnings and went through my blessing and organized it. It really put it into perspective! Everyone should try to do that for theirs. I never really saw how many times mine talked about misisonary work! Oh yeah tuesday we got to go to the temple and its closed down for cleaning so we couldnt go in but we took lots of pictures! I have pictures so I'm going to try to put them in the email, hopefully it works! It was a really great experience though. The way the MTC is since its in Johnannesburg we're in the most dangerous city ever so the mtc has a gate around the whole things and we have guards around it and everything so we have only go to leave two times! Once to the store and once to the temple but anyway what I was saying was how we never got out and so going to the temple we finally got to see the real AFRICA. the MTC is pretty american but when we went down the streets its so weird! They drive on the opposite sides of the road and the steering wheels on the opposite side too! Its so freaky!!! It reminds me of a rundown town. There are just people walking everywhere and they have gates on everything and some streets you look down and you just see trash and people burn stuff so its just fires all over and just real poverty. I was kind of scared at first but I just have to remember that the Lord will take care of as long as we are doing what we're suppose to be doing you know? So yeah the temple was beautiful though. Oh yeah! We also got to go to the distribution store after the temple and it was awesom! Its african everything! They have everything in animal skin and you can only get it here in South Africa you cant even order it so I bought an African mini hymbook and a little Book of Mormon! It has anmial skim but then it has real zebra hair too!!! I wanted a scripture bag but they only had elephant skin, giraffe, and water buffalo stuff like that so I didnt but hopefully I will get one some day!

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