Monday, June 30, 2014

Howdy Y'all ;

Long time no see!

Howdy yall :) (I just thought I should get a taste of my past southern life)
How is everyone doing? I hope that everyone had a great week and all is well! So my apologies for my abscence! Things have been pretty up and down! So this week was a fairly normal week but one of our more challenging ones! We finally set appointments foe everyday and we have appointments for almost every hour and sadly our plans fall through consistently almost daily. So this week although we had challenges we still were able to teach a few lessons and even have some spiritual moments.
One highlight of the week was Tuesday when I was actually invited to a training meeting by the mission president. The Assistants to the President actually held a meeting for all of the trainers in the mission and they gave us words of encouragement and even talked to us about our role in the mission. He told us that as trainers we are the leaders in the mission and that being a trainer the most important job in the mission because we are molding the people that will come into the mission and so we are affecting the mission forever. If we train someone they can train someone who will train someone else and the cycle continues. One person can affect an entire generation.  It really was a wonderful meetingand I learned alot. I really feel like it helped me to want to try my best to become better and to strive to be a better example because I feel like Im going to train again before I go home!
Otherwise our week was pretty good. One thing I have been thinking alot about is my progress as a missionary. Lately I have been feeling like i'm so used to teaching and now I just teaching by habit and I haven't really been focusing on the spirit and teaching the things that Heavenly Father wants. So this week that was my goal and I decided to just follow the spirit and to only teach the impressions that I have. So we have an investigator named Memory she is about 23 and she is young and just living life but she has a desire to follow God. So lately she has been a problem. Not really keeping commitments and do other things that she shouldn't and so we were getting frustrated and we decided to teach her about repentance. Honestly that was one of the best lessons ever. We taught her about repentance and the importance of us repenting. Its so important that we recognize our weakness and our sins and that we repent. That Atonement is real. It is a gift. We need to use it. I feel the spirit in that lesson not only teaching her but also teaching me. That was an amazing moment. It was the first lesson that I felt like she really felt it in her heart and she decided that she wanted to change.

If I have learned anything at all on mission, I think I have come to more fully understand the suffering and death of the Savior Jesus Christ. Not that I can understand in the least degree, but mission for me has been an experience that has helped me to gain more of an idea. Repentance is free. It can relieve us of our guilt and the burdens that we carry. It can give us peace in our hearts. I hope that everyone uses the Atonement in their lives and understands the love that God has for each of us. Infinitely.
I hope that you all have a blessed week and I love you all! I love the emails and letters that you send. They definitely help me through the week!
Sister Scott

Monday, June 16, 2014

Jiggy June

Hello everyone!!!
So first off I have to say that I miss you and love you all SO much.
So this week was pretty crazy. Lots of contacting and finding but we also have been teaching some sweet people! One thing that I didn't expect was the freezing COLD! It has been so terribly cold here that I feel like i'm in Utah. Seriously its like cold and foggy and rainy. Its like the worst combination. Ever. But its nicer than the heat!! :)
So this week was pretty great. I guess the life of a missionary becomes more routine as the days go on but when we take the time to find those true miracles then I think we see the way that Heavenly Father blesses us. So one lucky miracle we had was finding a new investigator named Aziz. He is an 18 year guy we contacted and he seemed very interested and so we visited him and taught him the Restoration. Man this was the first time I got to teach the whole Restoration at once since I have been in Malawi. Usually we just teach a little part at a time and so this was quite an experience. It was so amazing! I can say that I have never felt the spirit guide me more in a lesson. We taught him and at the end of it we just sat and let them take it in. He said that he felt kind of confused. He told us that he wanted to believe it and part of him does, but he feels torn. So we both bore our testimonies about how we came to know its true and he said that he would pray and he would read the Book of Mormon. So that was my highlight of the week! It was so great! I feel like he has true potential and these are the people we are trying to find!

Other than that me and my companion are doing good! Transfers have come and gone and we are still together! I love her alot so its all good!
So life here has had its ups and downs but im grateful for everything i'm learning and everything i've done! I dont have much time this week but i want to testify that I know that the Savior lives and that he loves us. I'm so grateful for his sacrifice and for his love and mercy even with my imperfections. I pray that we all  recognize daily how the atonement helps us in our lives!

So i love you!

And I would love emails from everyone :) Have a great week!
Love Sister Scott

Monday, June 2, 2014


Hello my dear family and friends!
How are you? I hope that all is well. Things are pretty crazy here but I can officially say that the Malawi elections are over and so the work can go on as usual! Today was the inauguration and the new president is a man that has been in America for 25 years and he taught at Yale so bright things in the future of Malawi!
So things are good as far as the work goes. Things have been pretty slow, but me and Sister Mbele are still doing great and still working hard. This past week I can say was one of the better weeks that we have had. Honestly missionary work is HARD.I  can say that hands down and I can also see that Satan is real. This week we did alot of contacting and finding. So we have been focusing alot on following up. As missionaries we have the tendency to go out and meet 30 people a day and write all of their numbers down and then we forget to actually call and make appointments. So that was our goal this week, we went back and contacted many people that we met in the past. To our surprise we actually found families! Yay for families! We even got to teach two of them this past week which was pretty amazing! So that was my highlight of the week!
Among other things, since we got to stay in these past weeks more than usual I have had alot more time to study. So I have been studying the talk by Elder Holland "Missioanry Work and the Atonement." For all of you out there it is pretty amazing! I feel like mission has taught me a greater appreciation for the atonement and what it means to me. Something that I loved and really related to is how he talked about how the atonement not only carries investigators but also the missionaries. Yes the atonement cleanses us from our sins but it is also something that is there to give us comfort and to help us through our trials. He said that Missionary work isn't easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. How true is that? Sometimes he said, missionaries have to experience a little bit of Gethsemane.
Powerful right? That Atonement is an enabling power. It gives comfort, strength and hope. It gives life. I really feel like I have been having trail after trial after trial. I realize that the atonement is and  should be our source of strength when we are down, discouraged and defeated. How can it be easy for us when it wasn't easy for Jesus Christ. That is what I realized. It can't be easy. Then it wouldn't be worth it. I now that Jesus Christ lives and he is my Savior. He is there for all of us no matter what we are going through, he can perfectly understand. As we use the atonement and pray to our Heavenly Father he will be able to help us.
Well sorry that this is short but those are my thoughts for the week. I love you all and I pray that you all use the Atonement and I pray that you all know who you can rely on. Alma 17:5,10,11. Know who we can look to for strength! I love you all!

Sister Scott

Sister Scott and some of the Sister Missionaries