Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guess Who !!

MY FRIENDS! How are you?? I am hoping that everyone's week was really well and great. My week on the other hand was really great. Nothing spectacular happened but it was delightful. So this week was very very nice. It was a pretty normal week until Wednesday because I got to go on exchanges for the first time since I have been here in Lusaka. I was with Sister Rametsi who is one of the sisters who came here from Sierra Leone. So those of you who don't know, there was an Ebola breakout in West Africa and so the missionaries in West Africa were really affected so they were all moved into other missions and those missions were shut down and so we got about 13 of those and she was one of them. She is so great! Honest the sweetest thing ever and so she is the STL (Sister Training Leader) so we were together in my area and it was so great! We focused a lot on contacting and it was super sweet! I loved it 100% and I learned so much. I feel like everytime you work with someone older on mission you feel ike you ahve so much to learn and so much to improve on! I honestly feel like my time is going too fast sometimes!
I guess good news this week is that im pretty sure we have a found golden investigator. He is a part member and his name is Enock. His two brothers are members in our branch and we met him one day and me and him hit it off instantly. He is a really funny guy and super sweet with a heart of gold. So he said that he has never actually been taught about the church but that he has heard so many things and so he is willing to actually learn for real. So we were excited and we went and taught him about the Book of Mormon. At first he was really confused and he didnt really understand but we were able to share verses with him talk to him and I could tell that he understood. He told us that he just wants us to be patient with him and it was so sweet. I can totally see him getting baptized. His picture is the one in the orange lion king shirt!
So for our companionship we are working very hard and we are doing well in our area. We are seeing lots of success and it is really great and encouraging. Since I am winding down on my mission time I have set some personal goals to read the entire Book of Mormon again and to also start the D&C Challenge. When you have 138 days of mission left you read the D&C because there are 138 sections so I will finish exactly on my last day on mission. So guess when my 138 days starts????? This THURSDAY ON MY 21ST BIRTHDAY! I cant believe im turning 21. Seriously time just flies on mission. I guess this will be the birthday I dont forget though. My birthday in Africa <3 But as I have been studying it has been really great and I have been learning so much. The Book of Mormon is definitely a gift from God. I love it so much. So I hope that everyone has a great week and that all is well! I will be sure to have a great birthday on behalf of everyone! I miss you all very much and love you very much as well!

Love you!
Sister Scott

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another One Bites The Dust

Another One Bites the Dust!!

Yes another week has come and gone. They just seem to fly by now even through the ups and downs they are still staying fiery and exciting!!!

So this week was probably one of the best weeks we had. We found out we had alot of Less actives and members in our area so we hit it hard and saw so many! We taught more people than we ever have and it was simply amazing. We also have been finding more and more people and seeing more and more success. It is truly amazing. I was just thinking how sometimes we might feel like God is gone and then he just opens the window just a bit to show a little light to let you know that he is still there. Its quite refreshing.

So the week was swell! So for those who know, we are currently teaching two boys Adrian and David who are the sons to one of the lessactives in the branch. So we have been teaching them and they are doing great! We found out that Adrian is a twin and that he has a sister who lives in another town so we were able to meet her and begin teaching her so now we have them all on date to be baptized October 12. Another miracle happened as we went to teach them. They also have two other sisters who live with them who are not members. As we were leaving they told us that they wanted to be taught too. Their names are Emma and Goret. We had the priviledge of teaching Emma later that week and we gave her a date for October 26. So that was an absolute miracle. We are practically teaching the whole family. Definitely a great moment for the week!

This week we had some pretty funny experiences though that I must share. One of the most hilarious moments of my life was Wednesday as we were in our area waiting at the bus stop, two women come up to us and they greeted us and then hand us their books and guess who they are? Jehovahs Witness. So they ask us a question, ''Who controls the world?'' So of course we say God and then they just started opening their bibles and they went from verse to verse  to verse bashing us because they said that Satan is in control of the world. I honestly was just so surprised that they came up to us and we actually shared with them our beliefs and then one of them told us that we could come and visit her and teach her. Yes crazy right? It was a very interesting thing and i'm not sure we will go back but something pretty amazing happened because of that. As they walked away from us there was a man standing there and the ladies went to approach him and he turned them down and told them that he was listening and that he agreed with us. So I was in shock. You know we could have immediately just walked away from the ladies or even had a big fight in the street but by sharing our simple beliefs we were able to meet someone that was interested in the gospel. He was a kind man, John and he is actually a doctor. So we took his details and we will be visiting him. It just really made me think of how important the things that we do and say are. We never know who is watching us.  

So the week overall was pretty great. I had the opportunity to also speak in sacrament meeting on tithing. It was really wonderful (thats what people said) haha and i enjoyed it alot. Along with me and my companion  one of the elders spoke, Elder Massey. He is from Canada and he spoke about spiritual bridges. He shared from Helaman 5:12 about building ourselves on a strong foundation. He said that we should make sure to have a strong gospel foundation and that means we have to have a full foundation and not just part of it. Some of us as members we think that we can simply obey a few commandments and do only some of the gospel and that we will be okay but that is not ture. To have a full foundation we must live all of the gospel and that is when we will be safe. So i echo this to everyone as well. We must make sure that our foundations are strong. These are the last days and we are preparing ourselves for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Those on a sandy foundation will find themselves waist high in the waters but those of us who are prepared and living the gospel will find ourselves warm and safe in our Saviors embrace. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he is our Savior. I know that he loves us. I know that as we are obedient to the commandments of God we will be blessed. I know that God loves us and is merciful but only on the conditions of repentance. We must change and be who he wants us to become!

Well I hope you all have a great week and I wish you the best! Love you all!!!!! 

Sister Scott

Monday, September 15, 2014


Hello, Hello!
Wow time flies on mission. Yes it does. So another week and about 22 more to go!

So first off there is not much to say about this week as far as work is concerned because i had a few sick days this week. I was down for the count and so we stayed in and rested and now im back! So although we weren't able to proselyte very much, this week was great on the event side of things since Saturday we had the opportunity to have a district fireside meeting with Elder KhumbulanMdletshe a member of the quorum of 70. Elder Bednar assigned him to come and to have a meeting focusing on the role of men and women in the church here in Africa. Honestly it was  a powerful meeting and he talked about how we should not only show love in our families but also express. In the African cultures it is rare that someone says that they love you and so he said that it's something important.  Also something that he discussed was us living the gospel consistently. He said "You can't be casual about the gospel. You have to stay consistent. Then your children and your family will be okay." I really loved that and it made me think about going home and what I can do to be consistent and to stay consistent.
Honestly he is a powerful man and when he speaks I listen. Something else that he mentioned was about marriage and families. He was addressing the YSA and they told us to join since we are technically YSA haha and he told us that there are cycles of exaltation. That we need to prioritize and set goals and achieve them. He told us that if we waste the first 30 years of our lives then we will spend the rest of them playing catch up. We need to serve a mission, get married, get our education and have kids before 30! Haha that one hit me. in my mind I always think of finishing school and then getting married and then having kids but he said that as we grow the desires inside us grow and often times that is when people are tempted to use the powers of procreation outside the bounds of marriage and so we need to protect ourselves and get married, even before we finish school. So mom???? What do you think? Haha. Yeah it was really great and made me realize that I now have to figure out my life speedy fast and in a hurry!
So this week as I was studying the scriptures there were a few that really hit me and touched my heart. I was reading in Mosiah 4:19,21. We were teaching a lesson about Service and these verses really touched me. As i read I realized that do we not all owe everything that we have to the Lord? Sometimes it seems like too much and we dont want to do something and even sometimes we aren't willing to give to others. I know that I have to give it all to the Lord. I have to give him everything that I have even when I feel like im at my end, when I feel like I can't take another step, when i feel like I can't go on I must do it for him. I love the Book of Mormon. If you haven't read it, read it. Its so great and I love it so much! It has really changed my life. Im so grateful to have loving family and friends and for all that everyone does! PS IF you want to send things for Christmas send them now!!!!!!!!

Ps My birthday is in approximately 17 days. Ill hit the big 21! So i'm expecting lots of love my friends!!!!! :))

Love you all

Sister Scot

Monday, September 8, 2014


Well its offical ladies and gents! Today is my 13 month mark. It seems liek I just celebrated a year so I guess these next few months are going to slip right through my fingers. But I will try my best to hold on to them 

So how is everyone? Im so glad to get your emails each and every week. Even when I don't get to respond I try to read them all because it really helps me and encourages me through the week! Well this week was a really really good week! We taught some really sweet lessons and I even had some really great spiritual moments. 

So these week we were able to teach a lot of members and even recent converts some sweet lessons. We have one recent convert Kashokela Siiya who is a pretty sweet guy. 26. Super educated and very prepared for the gospel. We shared with him a talk "Walking in Circles" by President Uchtdorf. It was so great. It talked about how we need spiritual landmarks and how we have to constantly study the scriptures to make sure that we are progressing and moving forward because sometimes we may just be walking in circles. It was really sweet and great. It made me think alot. 

So one of the best moments of the week was the opportunity that I had to do service. So we have a recent convert named Anthony but we call him Ton Boy who is the sweetest thing ever. He is very poor and doesn't have much but he has a heart of gold! He has went through so much and we go and teach him every week and I noticed that he didn't have good shoes to wear. He had some that were literally falling apart at the seams, we could see his feet through the shoes. So me and my companion decided that we would go and buy him shoes. So we did and we gave them to him and it was honestly the happiest moment of my entire mission. The smile that he had on his face. He was so happy. And me, I was so happy as well. Honestly I cant even explain the joy that was in my heart. Then we sang hymn 89 and it was so amazing. The spirit was so strong and he sang his little heart out. I had tears. It was at that moment that I saw him as God sees him. I just imagined him in the celestial kingdom singing with the angels. You know those times where the veil is very thin. I felt that in that moment and I knew that God was there. We must see others as God sees them. See them as they can become. 

Well i dont have much to write this week but I know that God is real and that he is there. I felt it this week so strong and I honestly cant complain. There is nothing but joy in my heart right now and I hope its true for you too!!!!! Love you all!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

"Super" Baptism

Mocha Bwanj my dear family and friends! Happy Labor Day for those on that side of the world! I hope that everyone is well and great just like me!

So this week has come and gone and im pretty excited to welcome a new month. There is no bigger news this week than my first baptism here in Zambia! It was so great and awesome!

So this week has by far been a very slow one! We are pretty much starting our teaching pool from scratch and so we are trying to find more people to teach. We have found a few but not many so most of our days are just tracting and contacting. Me and my comp pretty much walk until our legs feel like they will fall off. So this week we pretty much just spent it preparing Brother Nkhata for his baptism. We saw him about 4 times and it was such a wonderful experience. Its been so great the time that we have spent teaching him has been truly inspiring. He is a really great example and great teacher. The spirit that I feel around him is unexplainable so Im so excited that he was baptized and I sure hope that his family one day will join him in his path. 

We are still also teaching our two investigators Adrian and David and they are still doing great and getting ready to baptized in October so we are just preparing them more and more. They are truly wonderful. We are teaching them slowly but the are able to remember alot of things and so that is great. This week was also great because my companion celebrated her 9 months! That on mission is always a big deal so we had all of the sisters over to our house and had alot of fun! It was sweet! We ate good and I ate until I was about to pop. I love African food. Its super nice even though I am working on learning to cook it so I can share my talents when I get home. :) 

So other than that our week was pretty typical. We have a great branch and we are working alot with youth preparing for missions. We work with about 4 and so that is inspiring seeing people that want to serve. It makes me really excited for them and even for the decision that I made to come. So yeah sad news for everyone who knows my former companion Sister Lyon. We were so excited to be reunited here in Lusaka and we got transfer calls ths weekend and she is leaving for the Copperbelt about 5 hours away and she is going to be a STL so we wanted to spend our last months together but I guess God has other plans. Im excited for her though. I love her lots! 

So personally I have been trying to take things to a new level for me spiritually. I decided that I want to read the Book of Mormon over and also read the Doctrine and Covenants before I go home so that is something that I have been working on. I focus on the Book of Mormon a lot and I can say that this week I had one of the most spiritual moments while reading. Often times missionary work gets hard and it can even be depressing and sad. We have to deal with difficulties of the area, our investigators and even companions. Lately I have been really trying to figure out what Heavenly Father is trying to teach me. As i read in Alma 26 about Ammon and his brothers I read the verses that talked about how when they were depressed and about to turn back and Heavenly Father comforted them. While I was reading I felt so much sadness as if I were Ammon and then i felt the spirit just overcome me and I felt joy and happiness in my heart. And I heard as if someone were speaking to me "patience" over and over in my head. I didnt know why I felt joy and I didnt know why I felt better but I know that it was God. Even these past few days I find myself just feeling those random burst of joy, out of no where and I guess that is God. I knew that it wouldnt be easy but I didnt expect it to be hard, but this is what it really means to endure to the end. Enduring through hardships and challenges. I think that the testimony I gain on mission will keep my firmly planted in the gospel not only for my life but even when I have children and it will impact their lives as well. I love the gospel and I love missionary work. I am only human but God is more. 

Well i love you guys and I miss you lots!!!!!! Just a little while longer and you will see me in the flesh :)

Love ya
Over and out
Sister Scott 

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