Monday, September 8, 2014


Well its offical ladies and gents! Today is my 13 month mark. It seems liek I just celebrated a year so I guess these next few months are going to slip right through my fingers. But I will try my best to hold on to them 

So how is everyone? Im so glad to get your emails each and every week. Even when I don't get to respond I try to read them all because it really helps me and encourages me through the week! Well this week was a really really good week! We taught some really sweet lessons and I even had some really great spiritual moments. 

So these week we were able to teach a lot of members and even recent converts some sweet lessons. We have one recent convert Kashokela Siiya who is a pretty sweet guy. 26. Super educated and very prepared for the gospel. We shared with him a talk "Walking in Circles" by President Uchtdorf. It was so great. It talked about how we need spiritual landmarks and how we have to constantly study the scriptures to make sure that we are progressing and moving forward because sometimes we may just be walking in circles. It was really sweet and great. It made me think alot. 

So one of the best moments of the week was the opportunity that I had to do service. So we have a recent convert named Anthony but we call him Ton Boy who is the sweetest thing ever. He is very poor and doesn't have much but he has a heart of gold! He has went through so much and we go and teach him every week and I noticed that he didn't have good shoes to wear. He had some that were literally falling apart at the seams, we could see his feet through the shoes. So me and my companion decided that we would go and buy him shoes. So we did and we gave them to him and it was honestly the happiest moment of my entire mission. The smile that he had on his face. He was so happy. And me, I was so happy as well. Honestly I cant even explain the joy that was in my heart. Then we sang hymn 89 and it was so amazing. The spirit was so strong and he sang his little heart out. I had tears. It was at that moment that I saw him as God sees him. I just imagined him in the celestial kingdom singing with the angels. You know those times where the veil is very thin. I felt that in that moment and I knew that God was there. We must see others as God sees them. See them as they can become. 

Well i dont have much to write this week but I know that God is real and that he is there. I felt it this week so strong and I honestly cant complain. There is nothing but joy in my heart right now and I hope its true for you too!!!!! Love you all!!!

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  1. What a lovely story about Anthony - thank you.