Monday, September 1, 2014

"Super" Baptism

Mocha Bwanj my dear family and friends! Happy Labor Day for those on that side of the world! I hope that everyone is well and great just like me!

So this week has come and gone and im pretty excited to welcome a new month. There is no bigger news this week than my first baptism here in Zambia! It was so great and awesome!

So this week has by far been a very slow one! We are pretty much starting our teaching pool from scratch and so we are trying to find more people to teach. We have found a few but not many so most of our days are just tracting and contacting. Me and my comp pretty much walk until our legs feel like they will fall off. So this week we pretty much just spent it preparing Brother Nkhata for his baptism. We saw him about 4 times and it was such a wonderful experience. Its been so great the time that we have spent teaching him has been truly inspiring. He is a really great example and great teacher. The spirit that I feel around him is unexplainable so Im so excited that he was baptized and I sure hope that his family one day will join him in his path. 

We are still also teaching our two investigators Adrian and David and they are still doing great and getting ready to baptized in October so we are just preparing them more and more. They are truly wonderful. We are teaching them slowly but the are able to remember alot of things and so that is great. This week was also great because my companion celebrated her 9 months! That on mission is always a big deal so we had all of the sisters over to our house and had alot of fun! It was sweet! We ate good and I ate until I was about to pop. I love African food. Its super nice even though I am working on learning to cook it so I can share my talents when I get home. :) 

So other than that our week was pretty typical. We have a great branch and we are working alot with youth preparing for missions. We work with about 4 and so that is inspiring seeing people that want to serve. It makes me really excited for them and even for the decision that I made to come. So yeah sad news for everyone who knows my former companion Sister Lyon. We were so excited to be reunited here in Lusaka and we got transfer calls ths weekend and she is leaving for the Copperbelt about 5 hours away and she is going to be a STL so we wanted to spend our last months together but I guess God has other plans. Im excited for her though. I love her lots! 

So personally I have been trying to take things to a new level for me spiritually. I decided that I want to read the Book of Mormon over and also read the Doctrine and Covenants before I go home so that is something that I have been working on. I focus on the Book of Mormon a lot and I can say that this week I had one of the most spiritual moments while reading. Often times missionary work gets hard and it can even be depressing and sad. We have to deal with difficulties of the area, our investigators and even companions. Lately I have been really trying to figure out what Heavenly Father is trying to teach me. As i read in Alma 26 about Ammon and his brothers I read the verses that talked about how when they were depressed and about to turn back and Heavenly Father comforted them. While I was reading I felt so much sadness as if I were Ammon and then i felt the spirit just overcome me and I felt joy and happiness in my heart. And I heard as if someone were speaking to me "patience" over and over in my head. I didnt know why I felt joy and I didnt know why I felt better but I know that it was God. Even these past few days I find myself just feeling those random burst of joy, out of no where and I guess that is God. I knew that it wouldnt be easy but I didnt expect it to be hard, but this is what it really means to endure to the end. Enduring through hardships and challenges. I think that the testimony I gain on mission will keep my firmly planted in the gospel not only for my life but even when I have children and it will impact their lives as well. I love the gospel and I love missionary work. I am only human but God is more. 

Well i love you guys and I miss you lots!!!!!! Just a little while longer and you will see me in the flesh :)

Love ya
Over and out
Sister Scott 

PS Those who havent written me you still have time :)
Sister Krystal Scott
Zambia Lusaka Mission
14038 Katima Mulilo Road
Lusaka,Zambia 10101

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