Monday, September 15, 2014


Hello, Hello!
Wow time flies on mission. Yes it does. So another week and about 22 more to go!

So first off there is not much to say about this week as far as work is concerned because i had a few sick days this week. I was down for the count and so we stayed in and rested and now im back! So although we weren't able to proselyte very much, this week was great on the event side of things since Saturday we had the opportunity to have a district fireside meeting with Elder KhumbulanMdletshe a member of the quorum of 70. Elder Bednar assigned him to come and to have a meeting focusing on the role of men and women in the church here in Africa. Honestly it was  a powerful meeting and he talked about how we should not only show love in our families but also express. In the African cultures it is rare that someone says that they love you and so he said that it's something important.  Also something that he discussed was us living the gospel consistently. He said "You can't be casual about the gospel. You have to stay consistent. Then your children and your family will be okay." I really loved that and it made me think about going home and what I can do to be consistent and to stay consistent.
Honestly he is a powerful man and when he speaks I listen. Something else that he mentioned was about marriage and families. He was addressing the YSA and they told us to join since we are technically YSA haha and he told us that there are cycles of exaltation. That we need to prioritize and set goals and achieve them. He told us that if we waste the first 30 years of our lives then we will spend the rest of them playing catch up. We need to serve a mission, get married, get our education and have kids before 30! Haha that one hit me. in my mind I always think of finishing school and then getting married and then having kids but he said that as we grow the desires inside us grow and often times that is when people are tempted to use the powers of procreation outside the bounds of marriage and so we need to protect ourselves and get married, even before we finish school. So mom???? What do you think? Haha. Yeah it was really great and made me realize that I now have to figure out my life speedy fast and in a hurry!
So this week as I was studying the scriptures there were a few that really hit me and touched my heart. I was reading in Mosiah 4:19,21. We were teaching a lesson about Service and these verses really touched me. As i read I realized that do we not all owe everything that we have to the Lord? Sometimes it seems like too much and we dont want to do something and even sometimes we aren't willing to give to others. I know that I have to give it all to the Lord. I have to give him everything that I have even when I feel like im at my end, when I feel like I can't take another step, when i feel like I can't go on I must do it for him. I love the Book of Mormon. If you haven't read it, read it. Its so great and I love it so much! It has really changed my life. Im so grateful to have loving family and friends and for all that everyone does! PS IF you want to send things for Christmas send them now!!!!!!!!

Ps My birthday is in approximately 17 days. Ill hit the big 21! So i'm expecting lots of love my friends!!!!! :))

Love you all

Sister Scot

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