Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guess Who !!

MY FRIENDS! How are you?? I am hoping that everyone's week was really well and great. My week on the other hand was really great. Nothing spectacular happened but it was delightful. So this week was very very nice. It was a pretty normal week until Wednesday because I got to go on exchanges for the first time since I have been here in Lusaka. I was with Sister Rametsi who is one of the sisters who came here from Sierra Leone. So those of you who don't know, there was an Ebola breakout in West Africa and so the missionaries in West Africa were really affected so they were all moved into other missions and those missions were shut down and so we got about 13 of those and she was one of them. She is so great! Honest the sweetest thing ever and so she is the STL (Sister Training Leader) so we were together in my area and it was so great! We focused a lot on contacting and it was super sweet! I loved it 100% and I learned so much. I feel like everytime you work with someone older on mission you feel ike you ahve so much to learn and so much to improve on! I honestly feel like my time is going too fast sometimes!
I guess good news this week is that im pretty sure we have a found golden investigator. He is a part member and his name is Enock. His two brothers are members in our branch and we met him one day and me and him hit it off instantly. He is a really funny guy and super sweet with a heart of gold. So he said that he has never actually been taught about the church but that he has heard so many things and so he is willing to actually learn for real. So we were excited and we went and taught him about the Book of Mormon. At first he was really confused and he didnt really understand but we were able to share verses with him talk to him and I could tell that he understood. He told us that he just wants us to be patient with him and it was so sweet. I can totally see him getting baptized. His picture is the one in the orange lion king shirt!
So for our companionship we are working very hard and we are doing well in our area. We are seeing lots of success and it is really great and encouraging. Since I am winding down on my mission time I have set some personal goals to read the entire Book of Mormon again and to also start the D&C Challenge. When you have 138 days of mission left you read the D&C because there are 138 sections so I will finish exactly on my last day on mission. So guess when my 138 days starts????? This THURSDAY ON MY 21ST BIRTHDAY! I cant believe im turning 21. Seriously time just flies on mission. I guess this will be the birthday I dont forget though. My birthday in Africa <3 But as I have been studying it has been really great and I have been learning so much. The Book of Mormon is definitely a gift from God. I love it so much. So I hope that everyone has a great week and that all is well! I will be sure to have a great birthday on behalf of everyone! I miss you all very much and love you very much as well!

Love you!
Sister Scott

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