Monday, June 16, 2014

Jiggy June

Hello everyone!!!
So first off I have to say that I miss you and love you all SO much.
So this week was pretty crazy. Lots of contacting and finding but we also have been teaching some sweet people! One thing that I didn't expect was the freezing COLD! It has been so terribly cold here that I feel like i'm in Utah. Seriously its like cold and foggy and rainy. Its like the worst combination. Ever. But its nicer than the heat!! :)
So this week was pretty great. I guess the life of a missionary becomes more routine as the days go on but when we take the time to find those true miracles then I think we see the way that Heavenly Father blesses us. So one lucky miracle we had was finding a new investigator named Aziz. He is an 18 year guy we contacted and he seemed very interested and so we visited him and taught him the Restoration. Man this was the first time I got to teach the whole Restoration at once since I have been in Malawi. Usually we just teach a little part at a time and so this was quite an experience. It was so amazing! I can say that I have never felt the spirit guide me more in a lesson. We taught him and at the end of it we just sat and let them take it in. He said that he felt kind of confused. He told us that he wanted to believe it and part of him does, but he feels torn. So we both bore our testimonies about how we came to know its true and he said that he would pray and he would read the Book of Mormon. So that was my highlight of the week! It was so great! I feel like he has true potential and these are the people we are trying to find!

Other than that me and my companion are doing good! Transfers have come and gone and we are still together! I love her alot so its all good!
So life here has had its ups and downs but im grateful for everything i'm learning and everything i've done! I dont have much time this week but i want to testify that I know that the Savior lives and that he loves us. I'm so grateful for his sacrifice and for his love and mercy even with my imperfections. I pray that we all  recognize daily how the atonement helps us in our lives!

So i love you!

And I would love emails from everyone :) Have a great week!
Love Sister Scott

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