Monday, August 26, 2013

So yeah things are way different. Since this is a new area we don't have very many people we are so small that its not even a ward, or a branch its just a group. We meet in a house and we have about 50 people maybe so you cam imagine how much work we will have to do. So far we have been training and ive been meeting tons of people and teaching tons of lessons. ITS so hard. I cant pronounce anyones name or even remember it for that matter and then 90% of the people don't even speak English so im still trying to figure out why I was called English speaking. I know im going to have to work that much harder and when we teach the people most can understand what im saying so I struggle to explain things and teach so im hoping as time goes on I will get better. Oh good news... WE HAVE A CAR. Yes girls are not allowed to walk and so we drive everywhere and we cant be out after dark which is 7 so we have to be in our apartment by then so it makes it so hard to teach because we don't leave home until around 10am so we only have a few hours a day but I know im going to have to just work that much harder.. This week has been kinda hard just not knowing to speak Swana and then driving!!! We drive on the left side and everything is opposite so its been a little overwhelming so prayers are needed even though ive been doing mighty praying. So yeah since im getting trained That last for 12 weeks so that means I will be here in Monarch Botswana atleast until November 12. Then transfers happen and all that kind .

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