Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello Family and friends,
So yeah we only have a short time to email so im going to try to tell you as much as I can in my short time!!! So yeah we got here last thursday and so much has happened since then!!! We get up every morning around 6:30am and then we have breakfast at 7 and then we start class and we have class all day until lunch and then class again for a few hours and then we have sports for an hour and then we have dinner and more classes!!!!! And yes I have two companions! Its been great ut sort of hard having three different people thinking and trying to teach together so its definitely teaching me how to work with others. So everyday we get to teach "investigators" which are our teachers so we bascially role play but it is far from easy! They ask us so many different questions that are kinda hard but me and my companions work wll together so we usually can answer them and still have the spirit in the lesson. We have two investigators one is Pule and the other is Grace. We have been having a hard time with Pule because he doesnt believe God answers his prayers and he says he's been praying for 11 years with no answer! So we have tried to teach him and help me but mostly it's the spirit. I feel it so strong its so weird. I just dont know what im saying half the time and it just comes out right. Sometimes I will just have a feeling that something will happen and I tell my companions and it DOES! I just know its the Lord showing me that he knows us and he is there. I pray for everyone and I hope all is well!!

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