Monday, August 26, 2013

Also we get 1400 Pula a month which is our missionary money and that's about 140 so can you say budget??? Not to mention everything is so expensive! We went to the grocery and got like 10 things maybe and spent like 700 Pula. That's half of our money already so eating is definitely not a priority. Its crazzzzy. But we'll survive. Who needs to eat anyway? Anyway even though this week has been super hard I know that it will get better. We teach a lot of great people one of them is name Malebogo (Molly-boho) and she is so great. I can literally feel her spirit when we sit with her and she tells us how much the gospel has changed her life and its so amazing! Most of the time when we teach we just sit on whatever is around like broken seat chairs, wood, or on the cement floors. A lot of people just live in one room shack houses and so we get all they've got. I guess when you've never had more you don't want more. I think its just very humble to see. Some people walk miles and miles just to get to church on Sunday because its way across town and so many are tired when they get their but theyre so happy and makes me wonder if I would be that determined and dedicated to walking hours to get to church. Its something that really is amazing! So we have 2 baptisms coming up on Saturday. Isago and Derby and they're both kids. Im really excited. They were already taught when I got here but im excited to have my own investigators that I can call mine! I also got to do my first tracting this week and its so weird! There are animals walking around and not the African animals you expect. Its cows, donkeys, chickens, roosters. They walk around everywhere, on the side of the road and in front of our cars and everything so its quite different. My real problem is that im BLACK. You want to know why? Because everyone thinks im from Botswana! Everywhere we go people talk to me in Swana and when they talk to my companion and she doesn't know what they're saying they look at me to translate!!! Its so crazy! And the bishop or president of our group already told me im no longer from America im from Botswana and my name name is Warrona which means "ours" because they said i'm theirs now! Its so cute but people actually call me that now so its very different. Anyway i'm super excited to be here and im hoping we get some more investigators soon because free time is not good for me! I start thinking of family and being home and then it all goes downhill! So i'm ready to get to work!!! I miss everyone tons though!!!!!!  Anyway Im emailing in an internet cafĂ© in downtown Africa so we have a time limit so i'll talk to you all next Monday!! love ya!

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