Monday, October 21, 2013

Missionary work,Marriage,Family &Repentance

Dumela my lovely family and friends!!
Well this week by far has been the craziest one ever! Last week was definitely not as intriguing!!! So here we go!
So last time we left off I told you about not having electricity and thankfully we got it back on Monday afternoon so things were great... until we are driving home and we see a massive hole in the road with tons of water spilling out. All of these workers are there trying to fix it and so we just keep going home. Once we get there, its just our luck... WE HAVE NO WATER. Yes. No water. Not anywhere and so that was just great! After deep contemplation over what we should do we figured we should probably call someone and we ended up staying home but we had to go to the senior couple (The Davis's) to shower and all that stuff. I just knew the week would go downhill from there.
Not to mention the mosquitoes are so horribly bad here that I counted 25 bites all over my body so yeah that's super fun :) But other than all of that haha my week had some bright moments. We were able to put one of our investigators, Lebo on date! We met her right when I got here and when we first met her we really didn't know what to do! She is probably like 36 or so and she has two kids. She didn't believe in God and she didn't like churches. She didn't know how to pray and she wasn't really interested. But WOW I love that girl. She has grown so much and I honestly love her!!! We have seen her grow so much and now she prays and reads the book of Mormon and I'm so excited for her to get baptized! She makes me so happy. Whenever we go to her house she calls me here sister and it just makes me see how the gospel can change people. Also we were able to put our other investigator Adam on date as well. He has stopped smoking and he is so happy! He honestly dances when were at his house and he says the gospel makes him "free." Its honestly the coolest thing I have ever seen and it strengthens my testimony 100%. It just makes me so happy and grateful to be here.

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