Monday, October 7, 2013


Dumela Everyone!!!! 

Well this week has been the craziest and weirdest week I think i have ever had! So many crazy things happened I dont even know where to start. First off thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It was super thoughtful and I really appreciate it! I cant believe im 20 and I celebrated it in Africa!!!! It definitely will be a year I always remember. 
Well like I said this week has been the craziest week ever! I started the week off super happy and excited but that was until Tuesday when I got my first ticket ever!!! I was driving me and my companion to the store and i stopped at the stop sign and i looked both ways and then I start driving. I look up and the police are pulling us over and they said that i didnt stop long enough at the stop sign and they wrote me a ticket! It was pretty crazy! Luckily another officer was nice enough to change the amount I would have to pay from 1000 to 100 so yeah... I officially got my first ticket in my whole life!
So yeah Wednesday was my 20th birthday! I would have to say it was pretty great! Me and all the sisters went out to eat for lunch at a nice restaurant called Nando's and everyone was just so nice it was great! All of the sisters called me that are all over Botswana, even the ones I don't know to tell me happy birthday! And also the Mission president and his wife (who know i love zebra... well everyone does) they live far away from us but they had some other sisters drive down and bring me a birthday card that had REAL ZEBRAS on it! They even called me and it was sooo super nice! So over all I had a pretty great day! I feel like it was probably the best birthday I've ever had because I really didn't focus on myself. I taught lessons all day and also one of our recent converts needed help cleaning and so we went and helped her do her wash and everything else. It really was a great day and a great experience. I just love  MY MISSION!!!
On the other hand things were also very wierd... Me and my companion woke up this week and we tried to open the front door and it wont open! When you turn the knob the lock doesnt even move so we havent been able to get out of the door all week, we have to go around the back of the flat which is crazy and we dont know when it will get fixed! Also since it was the end of six weeks we had transfers! Since i'm still training I didnt move but we did have a few elders that did so we got two brand new elders that just turned 18 like 2 months ago!! Its so crazy because they look so young and it is just amazing to think that God wants all of us young ones in his army! I feel so privileged :) 

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