Monday, October 28, 2013


Dumela my lovely friends and family!
So this week has been another long but very great week to say the least! We work so hard but its not work it is just fun! However this week was very nice for a few reasons!
It started off kind of slow but Monday we got to all go together as Sisters and climb a hill called Nyamgabwe Hill. It is sort of like Pinnacle Mountain except it is way steeper! We actually climbed twice and it was a lot of fun. (Tiring but fun). Then on Wednesday I got to do exchanges again! This time I went with Sister Two to her area which is Gerald. Lets just say it was the craziest day ever! All of our appointments fell through so we tracted ALL DAY LONG. We knocked on door, after door and taught lesson after lesson. I was so happy it was the first day it wasn't burning hot because I might not have made it! haha. We also took a member with us named Lydia so we had sooo much fun!!! We didn't have time to go home for lunch so we went to a little African Tuck Shop (stores on the side of the road) and we bought Mapakiwa. Mapakiwa is a type of bread that the Africans cook and it is sort of sweet which makes it yummy! We literally bought a bag of them and kept teaching! It was so great! I had so much fun and we met lots of people and so that is always a great thing as well! I love Sister Two she is the coolest missionary ever! Hopefully we will get to work together again!
 . Oh by the way, thanks for the cards and packages And tell everyone I said thanks who signed the birthday card it was sooooo sweet! I really appreciated it! Also this week we had our Zone Conference so all the missionaries in our zone which is 3 areas we all got together and the mission president taught us and we all learned more about becoming better teachers! I really enjoyed it and learned so much. One thing we really learned a lot about was Charity. Christ was the perfect example of charity and we all want to become like him. But how can you become like someone is you don't know them, so in order to become like Christ we have to study his life!!! I really loved it and I know that is my new goal. To truly become charitable and also become like Christ.

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