Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Dumela my dear family and friends!
Well this week was definitely not the most exciting but it was still great!!!! This week has been hotter than ever! Summer just started and its already 110 almost everyday and everyone says it will only get hotter which is SCARY!!!!
Anywho this week was very productive and fun!! I got to do exchanges again this week with Sister Vuki (the one from Tonga) and she came to my area this time and so I was the lead companion. I can honestly say it was the greatest day EVER! We didn't have many appointments because a lot of our investigators have not been progressing (coming to church, reading, keeping commitements) so we dropped almost all of them so that means tracting every day to find new people!! So me and Sister Vuki spent almost the whole day tracting and teaching people. It was so great! We found lots of father led families and also potential father leds so we were pretty excited! One family in particular we found was the Mogaruwa family. We knocked on their gate and they opened it and let us in. They live in a really nice area which is rare for Botswana and they had a really big nice house and the husband invited us inside. We went in and they have a beautiful home with lots of nice things and they were so friendly. As we introduced ourselves and started talking to them we were able to answer alot of their questions and also feel the spirit very strong. They really understood and responded well which was great! They were just great and I knew we were led to them for a reason so im excited to go back and see what happens!
So things have been really slow and nothing big has happened but hopefully i'll have big news soon!! One crazy thing that did happen though was our power ran out! In Botswana you don't get electricity and then pay. Here you buy electricity for a certain price and then once you use it all your power just turns off and we don't control it, the mission does and so yeah, they forgot to buy us power and me and my companion were just in our flat and the power went out! So we have been staying at the other sisters flat until they get it back on which has been fun haha.. So this happened Saturday and I just knew my luck was bad when we went to church yesterday and we go in and sit down and church starts and the first counselor comes and whispers to us (Oh, by the way you guys are speaking. Sorry we forgot to tell you." Um.. can you say heart attack? I honestly just didn't know what to do because none of us expected it so we literally had 5 minutes to figure out a topic and go speak in sacrament and I was SECOND! Haha. The joys of being a missionary right? So I chose Faith and I actually talked for a while and everyone said I did very well afterwards and they told us we are like soldiers because we are always prepared. Haha. I knew God was watching out for us because there is no way I could have done that alone!
But of course I have continued to grow more and more each week. I learn so much and I can tell I am getting better at teaching and also at listening to the spirit. The Sister Missionary Training Leader told me that she wished she was as good as me when she started so I hope that I continue to get better and I know that I will as my love for the people and the country grows. I feel like I love them all already! I'm close to a lot of them and I truly know that this is where I'm suppose to be and I'm so happy to be here (even in the heat) :) haha. But yes. Just a spiritual thought before I go. I have been reading in Alma and In chapter 37 verses 44 and 45 it compares the words of Christ/ or the gospel to a compass. If you follow a compass it tells you where to go and points you to your destination. If we follow the words of Christ they will point us as well in the right direction. To our Heavenly Father and so we should remember living the gospel is easy! Just follow and DO IT!
So I know that this is true and I know that the Book of Mormon is true as well. It truly will bring us closer to God than any other book. So if you haven't read it, I encourage you to do it!! :)
Thanks for all the emails and love! Love and miss you all!
Love, Sister Scott

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