Monday, September 9, 2013

Thursday night was also Mission president interviews! The mission president came up to Monarch to interview each of us individually! He is so great! He really discerned alot of my issues and told me that I have a list of worries this big (holds up 10 fingers) and I need to narrow it down to this big (holds up two fingers). So that is my goal. Stop Stressing. He also told me he wants me to write down everynight how the Holy Ghost led me that day. I started doing it and I am already amazed. One experience I had was actually Friday and it made me so grateful. Since I have been here these past 3 weeks me and my companion have tried locating members and trying to visit them. There is a particular lady, Meriam who is the Primary president and she never comes to church. So we literally go to to her house every single day and we can never catch her there! We even tried going in the morning and then the evening. So Friday me and my companion were just driving around and we didnt really have an appointment for a little while so she asked me what we should do. I sat there for a minute and immediately this name pops into my head to go check Meriam. I tell my companion and she says okay. We get there and guess what! She was there! For the first time in weeks! I knew it was the spirit that guided us to her and we were able to visit with her and even invited her to church the next day and she came! I just know that you could never serve a successful mission without the spirit because its not me talking and its not me teaching, its the spirit.

Good news! We have 2 more baptisms Saturday. Two girls Gosego and Dikeledi! They are both young, like 19 and 20 and they are both great! I love Gosego!!! She is like the sweetest thing I have ever met! She is so excited about the gospel and SO ready I just am so excited for her! And she totally wants to serve a mission so that just makes my heart happy! All the tough times just dont matter when you find GREAT people that are ready and willing to change! I hit my one month mark yesterday and I cant even believe it!! 17 more to go and Im super excited!

Im so happy and excited to be here!!! Even when times get tough I know that im where God wants me so nothing else really matters!!! Anyway gots to go but love you all dearly!!!! Over and out!!!

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