Monday, September 30, 2013

Also me and my companion had a great experience and learned not to be disobedient haha. So Saturday night we had a appointment and it got done later like a little after 7 and so our curfew is 7 so we were rushing home but them we realized that we were almost on empty so we stopped to get gas! So we get gas and fill up and then we try to pay and the card machine doesn't even work! They try it again and it doesn't work and of course missionaries don't carry cash so we didn't have any money at all!! So here we are panicking and so I try to call the senior couple missionaries and they tell us that we should try to talk the people into letting us leave and come back! That was the advice haha. So me and my companion were just so scared and we tried to talk to the people and of course they said no! So then we decided to pray. So we sat in the car and we prayed and then we thought maybe we should call the elders. So I call them and they were great! They told us to wait there and they would come get us! So they ended up coming and bringing us the money so we could go home! So I was definitely grateful and learned to always check your gas hand and always ask if the card machine works before hand!
So im learning a lot and getting lots of experience! So on the spiritual side of things I feel as though I am really growing stronger not only in my knowledge of the gospel but also just growing in my ability to work with the spirit. We have been dropping a lot of people and so we really haven't had many people to teach so me and my companion decided to pray specifically to find a father led family. So we decided to go tracting on Wednesday and before we got out we prayed specifically to find a family. That is probably the hardest thing to ever do is find a complete family! So we got out and we tracted and found some people who were interested but no family. So we had an appointment coming up and so we said we would try one more road and we knocked and knocked and no luck. So then we got to the last house and the gate was partially open and so we weren't sure if we should go in. So my companion heard and man and was like "There's a father!" So I was like lets go in. So we go in and we walk around the house to the front of it and we see a whole family! All of the kids and the father and the mother but the mother didn't have any clothes on!!! (Sidenote: This is a cultural thing in Africa. Most people do not wear clothes at home especially women and they don't cover themselves up even when they are breastfeeding and things like that). So we were standing there and we weren't sure what to do but something told me to just keep going! haha. So we sat down and started talking to them and eventually she put clothes on but hey, we found a father led family! So that is one thing that I have definitely learned! We have been specifically called and set apart to be missionaries! God will always help us because we are working with him! We have been given the authority to do this work and I am remined of that everyday!
So yeah this week was good. Plus my birthday is in 2 whole days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im really excited!!
I will have my first birthday in Africa :) And it rained for the first time ever so its been a good week. A really good week! Well, until next time!

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