Monday, September 30, 2013

Independence Day In Botswana

Hello again!!!!
Well its another week and im back again!!!! Today is Botswana Independence day so everything is closed down and since there are no such things as 24 hour stores we have email really early! So much has happened though so I will try to write as much as possible.
Last Monday was perhaps the greatest! All of us missionaries went to Tantabane Game Ranch which is an animal park/ resort where people can go and hang out. So all of us sisters and elders went up and spent the day there! It was beautiful! There was a big body of water and lots of trees and it was great! Since it was not a zoo and a real park we were pretty much out in the wild! We saw giraffes and impalas and zebras! We saw other things too but im not sure what they all were but sadly since they are all wild we couldn't even get a picture because they were all too FAST! Haha. But I reallllllly enjoyed it!!! We got to play volleyball and go on a hike around the land. Then the elders all cooked meat for us and we all sat and had dinner together. It was really a great experience and I enjoyed it so so much! Of course they cooked the food and made us bring dessert but it was nice :)
Also this week was probably crazy for many other reasons as well!!! Me and my companion decided we wanted to be real Africans and so we wanted to cook African food! So most people here grow their own vegetables and eat them and there is a plant here called Morogo (sounds like Moroho; G is pronounced H) that everyone eats like every single day so me and Sister Gehring decided to get some and try it. So one of the members sells it and so we went and got some from her. Her son was there and so he just pulled it straight from the ground and gave it to us. I didn't know what the other stuff was and I asked and he just started pulling it all out of the ground and giving it to us!!!!! So we see the power of asking questions :) Anyway he gave us tips on how to cook it and everything and we did and it was actually great!!!! I am sending a picture of our finished product if you can figure out how to upload it my dear mother :)
So Friday I also got to do exchanges again but this time I didn't leave my area and the other sister came to my area and her name is Sister Twongeiere. She is from Ugandaand she has been out for 8 months and we spent 24 hours together and this time I was in charge!!! It was probably the craziest day ever! We had a lot of fun and it gave me some practice for when I become a senior companion. She also taught me more Setswana so hey im trying hard to learn!!! Fridays are also the day we have district meeting with all of the elders and sisters in the area and this week was super crazy because one of the elders is going home today and so Friday we had a funeral!!! We all wore black and had candles and a bathtub for the casket and he actually laid in it while we did eulogies! It was totally funny!!!!! I had so much fun though!! This week was so crazy! But so fun!!!

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