Monday, September 9, 2013

1 Month

Hello All !!

This week has definitely been a crazy one so far! MONDAY I got to go to a restaurant in a nearby town, Debonairs Pizza and it was delightful, my only American experience :) Later on me and my companion went to the museum ( well a little house with a room of african items) it was actually quite cute and I was able to buy a couple of small items! That is pretty much what my Mondays consist of since they're my only FREE day! 

Anywho the work here is getting quite hectic. Since we are basically starting a new branch here all of the members are recent converts. So this past Saturday we held a training meeting (the missionaries) and we had to teach everyone in the church basically how church runs! We had to teach them how to do primary, young women and relief society! Boy am I glad i paid attention all these years :) I never knew how hard it could be. Since we barely have any members we cant call presidents and counselors and teachers. We have a primary president and she runs everything. And the same for all of the others so I know that this will mean that we will probably ending up teaching almost everything but I guess it will get me some experience!

This week was good for me and my companion Sister Gehring. Or atleast it started out that way! Things were going really great but lately all of our appointments have been falling through up to 5 a day and so then we are left tracting alot. I enjoy tracting and I think its really fun but most times it doesnt yield great results. Since this is a new area we have a mission goal of findinf father led families. The way branches and wards are formed are based on the number of worthy men that have the priesthood. African society is mostly women raising their kids on their own so we can baptize tons of women and never even be made into a branch if we dont have men. So we look for men all all day that we can teach and I think that is the biggest struggle we have because there just arent alot of men in Africa and if we find a man with a family they need to be married and most arent because they in Africa you have to pay a dowry to the woman's uncles to marry her. So we usually find a women and man that arent married but have been living together for years and then we have THAT problem. haha. So yeah we really are trying our best. I know that we have been called here for a reason so Im hoping that God will make a way realllllly soon :)

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  1. So pround of you Krissy!!! SisterScott lol I'm enjoying catching up on all you've done since your departure Love you!