Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy Belated New Year

So Happy Belated NEW YEAR J I hope that everyone had a great new year and that everyone has started the year off right! As for me my new year was filled with lots of new changes and news which we will get to later. So our week started off very well we worked a lot with our recent converts the Nasilele’s and the Shonga family of course. The Nasilele family has been getting their field ready for the rains and planting lots of maize and vegetables so we actually got to go and do service at her house this week. We went and we were able to go and put fertilizer in the fields. Man being in Africa has definitely taught me how to work in the field! Seriously we thought we were young until our knees were giving out. Haha. Yes it was very fun! Its great to be able to help others as well. So this week we actually had the opportunity to go on exchanges!!! Yes, exchanges. So this time I was in my area with Sister Rakotonindriana. She is from Madagascar and she has been on mission for about 14 months now. So we worked in my area together and we had a nice time. We were able to meet the Shonga family and a great lesson. We are actually trying to help their children read so we have reading lessons with them every week. And they are improving so well. At the beginning they didn’t even know how to spell I and Me. Now they are reading the Book of Mormon. Its so amazing and it shows the power that our great God has. So unfortunately the saddest thing happened this week! While we were on exchanges the Zone Leaders actually called and came and told us that there were transfers! So of course I was in shock because I wasn’t expecting them. So they told us that Sister Makunye (my companion) was being transferred on Saturday morning and that my new companion would be coming on Friday. And guess who it is? Sister Komiha (the sister I served with in Blantyre.) So I was very surprised and we didn’t expect it! So the rest of our week was spent with trying to get everything together for Sister Makunye and her packing since she just had two days. It was very sad. I honestly miss her so much already. But I know that it’s part of missionary life. So Saturday was a kind of hard day. I am trying to get used to my new companion and things changing but It’s a little sad. So Saturday me and Sister Komiha headed out into our area and we met with a lot of people. We actually went and visited a less active family the Kabeshi family. They were baptized a long time ago when the family was very young but now the only active one is the father Brother Kabeshi. So we visited with them and we actually had a My Family lesson. It was very great. It’s always nice to do My Family with people as they research their genealogy and their families. So after the lesson we committed them all to complete their books and even to come to church so my hopes are that they will one day come back. So this week was probably not the best week but it was full of ups and downs and there is so much more to look forward too. So I would just like to share a little bit of knowledge that I received this week from my study of the Book of Mormon. As I studied from Alma 31 I learned of the group in the Book of Mormon better known as the famous ‘’Rameumpton Prayers’’ who got on tall towers and recited prayers once a week. It was surprising how this group of people once had the gospel but now they had lost everything they had once learned. A quote by Elder Boyd K. Packer states that, ‘’ True doctrine understood changes attitudes and behaviors.’’ It goes on to say that, ‘’ The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior.’’ So I just want to leave that with you to think about and to ponder. As we study the gospel and live it that is how we change. I will be hitting 17 months this week and I have realized that I have changed a lot more than I realize. I think the changes they come gradual and slowly but they come as we are consistent in our goals. I hope that everyone will continue to let the gospel change them. That it will change your attitude and your behavior. I love you all and I hope that you have a great week! Love you and miss you! See you soon! Sister Scott

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