Monday, January 26, 2015

Elections # Time Far Spent

This week. One way to describe it. Elections. Yes mission has taught me a slight dislike for elections because they always tend to disturb our work. So for those who can remember the whole Malawi escapade can understand why we dont really enjoy elections. So this week was a joy since there were elections due to the death of the late President. So elections here are definitely different than at home. People here get excited. Too excited. So we actually had to stay inside for about three days while everyone got loud and rowdy. So it was good to rest but of curse after the first day you don't need anymore rest and you just get a lil stir crazy! So when we did go out we actually got to teach some sweet lessons. One of which was to a sweet lady named Ruth who sells veggies near our home. She asked us to come and visit her so we did and it was such a sweet and powerful lesson. We asked her why she wanted us to come and she said because she goes to church but she doesn't know anything. So we asked her about God and she said she just knew that he was Jesus Christ. So we knew that we would have to start from the basics. So we had a great lesson about God and who he is and what he expects. It was so sweet. I honestly felt the spirit so much and we have high hopes for her. Afterwards she told us that she actually would be moving in two days so of course we were super sad but then we passed by two days later and she said that she changed her mind and decided she would stay. I know that it was an answer to our prayers. These week we also had the chance to visit many less actives and it was really sweet. I realize how much I love the people here especially in the branch. I honestly dont know how I will be when I have to leave. I guess the most powerful thing that happened this week was the opportunity that I had to give my final talk here in Zambia. So this week we have been focusing alot on a talk by Elder Bednar ''Converted Unto the Lord.'' It was a talk assigned to us from Elder Cook of the Seventy in preparation for our mission tour this week. As I pondered on what I should speak on the idea of conversion was pretty solid in my mind. So Sunday I had the opportunity to share my talk and to really bear my testimony that I have about conversion. I realized that there is a huge difference between having a testimony and being truly converted. it all comes down to the difference between saying and doing. Its so easy to get up and to share our testimony. To say that I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet. That is a testimony. Conversion means that you not only know that the Book of Mormon is true but you read it, you study it, and you apply it. You not only know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet but you followed his counsels and his advice that he gives. Conversion is acting. CONVERSION is truly being and living the gospel. As I shared my talk I felt the spirit testify to me not only of the need of the branch members to be converted but what I myself need to do to become more converted to the gospel. As I prepare to go home I need to make sure that I have become truly converted and not that I just have a testimony. In the talk by Elder Bednar he shares the story of the Anti Nephi Lehi's who were so converted that they buried their weapons of war. They never wanted to kill or do wicked things again. They never fell away. They were truly converted. They not only turn from the world but they stayed turned towards the Lord. How easy it is for each of us to turn to the Lord but the true test is if we look back towards where we came from. That is not conversion. These people buried their weapons or things that kept them from being converted. What do we need to bury? What do we need to let go of so that we can experience true heart felt conversion? I know that is a question I ask myself each day. I pray that we can all be converted. That we can align our wills with God. That we can have this mighty change in heart. I love you all and hope you have a great week. His arm is forever stretched out. His mercy is forever there. Love Sister Scott

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