Monday, January 12, 2015


1+7 = Here! Well its official. The time has flown by! This week I hit 17 months and I realized that I never actually expected to make it this far. So the majority of my week was spent in shock. Haha. But the time has flown right? This week was a great week. I feel like I had a fresh start since I have a new companion and we just spent the week working very hard. So this week we spent alot of time finding new people and doing lots of contacting. We found some super sweet people that we hope we can go back and see soon! One of the coolest would probably be a young girl Mwaba whos family are already members but they are all less active but she just turned 8 and now we are helping prepare her for baptism. She is so great. One thing I have realized is that I love children and I love teaching them the gospel because they have the coolest answers for everything. We were teaching her about God and she pretty much knew it all. Another sweet miracle we had this week was during our time in the area we decided that we would go and check on one of our former investigators Pride Mwansa. So Pride we taught way back in October and he had major Word of Wisdom problems that held him back and we ended up just dropping him and giving him a break. So we stopped by his house and he tells us that we can teach him and so we sit and wait for him. So everytime we go ,his wife never talks to us and even though we try she has always been so quiet and never really opens up but something told me to go and talk to her. So I walk over to her and I ask her If I can help with anything. She tells me that the only thing I can help with is if I help Pride. So I ask her what she wants help with and man, she just opened up. She told me everything that was wrong and how badly she wants him to change and to stop drinking. It had gotten so bad that now her family had kicked him out so he no longer lives with her and their three kids. I could see her pain and her hurt and I didnt know what to say so some thing just told me to ask her if she loved him. So I did. She just looked at me and smiled. I knew she was probably thinking how can such a young girl ask me a thing like that but then she said yes. She did love him. So I told her thats where it starts. We can't help him without her help. So I started asking a few questions and then I gave her a Plan of Salvation book and asked her if we could come and see her and she agreed.Honestly my heart was beating so fast. haha I was so nervous but I knew that Heavenly Father had carried me through that and opened a window for us. So when Pride came over we sat and has a short lesson with him and I kind of grilled but I wanted him to take responsibility. So I could see the pain and sadness in his eyes that he now realized that he was about to lose his family and so I told him that he needed to make a decision right now. So he did. He said he was ready and so now we are going to try to help their family receive the restored gospel. I dont know what Heavenly Father wants to teach me sometimes but I can say that I won't ever forget the way that I felt that day and I can't wait for their family to be sealed in the temple some day. Thats the goal. I know that its possible. With God it always is. I love you guys so much and I pray that your weeks are well. Dont think you are ever alone! He knows everything! Love Sister Scott

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