Monday, January 27, 2014

Mulibwanji my Family and Friends(how are you in Nyanja a language here in Zambia

So I am sure by now that you all know that I am no longer in Botswana.First off I have to stay that this has been one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. It really feels like i'm leaving home all over again and it has been quite a change. We are in Lusaka which is the capital which means tons of people. There are more people in this city than in all of Botswana so can you say shell shocked? This mission is also very different from where I was serving. This is a walking mission which means we walk everywhere all of the time or we catch buses to get to the appointments. Things are much more moderate I guess, we don't have wash machines or microwaves and things like that; we wash our clothes by hand. :) Also Zambia has a high risk for Malaria so we sleep under mosquito nets at night. Of course I had never slept with a net over me before and so the first night I thought "Aw I don't need that!" Of course that was the worst idea. I woke up with tons of bites all over and they even bit my face so my lip was swollen and so I was not a happy camper, but I learned real quick! Since mosquitoes are so bad we take some type of pill everyday like Doxcicyl or something like that. Just a 100mg a day and it is suppose to keep us from getting Malaria so that is good! But things are actually going okay. I spent this past week working with the sisters and going out and teaching and all. It has been very different. The saddest part is, no one speaks Setswana. Now I really have no idea what anyone is saying and there are over 72 languages in the country so that will be fun :)

 So I guess I should break the biggest news of all! This week we had our mission president interviews so that our new President could decide what areas he wanted us to serve in. So Saturday we came and walked into his office and he gave us each our assignments. So guess where I got assigned!?!?.................................................................................
Malawi!!!! Yes that is a different country from Zambia. So the mission covers both countries and so I got assigned to serve in Blantyre Malawi with me new companion Sister Rawlins who is from Logan, Utah and she has been out 8 months and me just 5. And guess what else?! We are white washing our area. That just means both of us are new to the area. We don't know anyone or anything and we have to go and do it on our own. I have a feeling we will be lost everyday haha but I know that this is a wonderful and amazing opportunity. It makes me know that God really trusts me and it is really exciting and scary! So right now I am at the mission home and our flight leaves at 4 and we have to fly to Lilongwe in Malawi and then spend the night and then get up tomorrow and take a bus to our new area. Im super nervous but super excited. I don't know anyone or anything and they speak a completely different language so I feel like im starting my mission all over again! I feel a lot of mixed emotions but one thing that I have been really reflecting on this week is how God has his own plan. Sometimes we think we have it all figured out and then God throws us a curve ball and it is up to us to endure it well. God is testing my endurance and I know that I will be experiencing some growing pains but I know that it will draw me closer to God. Im so grateful to have this time in my life. I will catching my flight soon so I will talk to you all next week! I will have a new address and all and so I will let you know as soon as I can!
Your Beloved Sister Scott :)

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