Wednesday, January 1, 2014



I hope everyone is well and enjoyed the Christmas festivities. I really enjoyed this week and all the crazy things that happened! It wasn't too crazy but it was definitely an amazing experience. So Tuesday was Christmas Eve and I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Sister Faux so I left my area and went to work in hers which is Gerald. It was a pretty cool experience but the thing about Africa during Christmas is that everyone leaves. I mean everyone. So we were out all day and every appointment fell through except one! It was so crazy. The streets were empty too since everyone leaves to go to their home villages so we literally have no one to teach and we are not allowed to do tracting and finding because so many guys are out drinking and everything so it was definitely an uneventful day. But the President of the group invited us over in the afternoon for lunch so we went and my, it was great! We had tons of traditional food and it was super cool. So then we came up with a sweet idea for every companionship to pick two families or investigators and we would go sing carols. So for about 4 hours we just drove around and we went and sang Christmas songs to different families and delivered them with treats. We would just stand outside and sing until they came out and it was great! They all loved it and it was so nice.
So then of course Christmas was way different but definitely great. So Christmas morning all of us missionaries went to this really nice golf course in town and we actually went golfing! It was my first time and I was totally excited but man, it was way harder than I thought! And im sure it was the best golf experience I could have. There were monkeys, impalas, and other animals on the course which was so cool! I had fun. So after that all of us missionaries went to the senior couples apartment and we all had lunch together. So of course the elders decided what we would have for Christmas and they chose burgers for Christmas, hah. So we had burgers and chips and watermelon. It was the most American meal I have had here, but classic. It was totally fun. So the day stayed great and of course later on we got to talk to our families and so thanks everyone who came to talk to me! It was so great to hear all of your voices and to be able to talk to you! It definitely made Christmas the best

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