Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Chicken Day

Dumela all you wonderful people :)

So this week was probably the craziest week ever!! So much has happened and I don't even know where to start! First off I was slightly depressed that this week was Thanksgiving and I had no idea what we would do to celebrate and so it was just too sad! Haha but I tried to focus on other things like our baptism!!! So Tuesday we went and Tshenolo had his interview and he passed! I literally have never felt so much joy in my life! I was so excited and happy for him. Just seeing him from the first day until then was so amazing!
But life continued on as normal until Wednesday Elder Davis one of the Senior missionarires called and he told us that a missionary who was serving in Ghana was coming back home to  Monarch where I am serving. He said that he would be home Thursday and so we could go to the airport and welcome him home. So we thought it would be so cool so then we decided that maybe we should organize like a welcome home party or something at the airport for him so we decided we would find his family. We knew that he wouldn't be back until Thursday night so we figured we had two days, but something just told us to go ahead and plan it all out. So we actually cancelled our appointment and tried calling around town and talking to members to see if anyone know the Elders family so that we could tell them he was coming back. So after many calls and driving all over town we finally found his brother and his sister. They told us their mom had passed away so we told them that we would take them to the airport tomorrow to meet him since they were not members. So they agreed. We felt good. Our service was done. Well... we thought wrong! A few hours later Elder Davis calls us back and tells us that the Elder was coming home today, in like 2 hours! Seriously my heart dropped. I couldn't believe it. So we definitely went into panic mode. We went and bought posters and markers and balloons and made signs for him, the fastest and craziest posters I have ever seen and rushed to the airport with his family. And it was all worth it. When he got off the plane and saw his family his face was definitely priceless. At that moment I was so happy. It was only all possible because of the spirit. If we hadn't listened to that prompting to find his family no one would have been at the airport to meet him and he doesn't even know it was all us, but it doesn't even matter. It was definitely God. :)
    So as if my week was already crazy enough Thursday was Thanksgiving! I was so super sad and so me and all the sisters got together and we decided we needed to do something! So no one here even knows what turkeys are but guess what are on every street running wild...CHICKENS! So what did we decide to do? Have a Happy Chicken Day :) (Warning this part is not suitable for children under 18: So we actually got a live chicken and one of the sisters ......... yeah and then we cooked it )  :) Haha. Let me just say, I will not look at chicken the same. So we had a real thanksgiving! We had roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, rolls, sweet potatoes and PUMPKIN PIE. (Pumpkin sent from America to one of the sisters.) So it was the best thanksgiving ever and my first one in Africa that I will never forget!
And if that wasn't enough, Saturday was my baptism! It was really special and just great! I truly love the work and I truly love being here! I'm still continuing my Book of Mormon reading and I honestly have been struggling trying to find what part is my absolute favorite and this week I was continuing in Ether. Ether chapter 12 which Is probably the best part ever written. It really talks about faith, and how faith brings miracles. Faith seems so small, but it is something so great. Faith and Hope together can bring miracles. In the Preach My Gospel it defines hope as the abiding trust that all things will work together for your good. When we trust God and we know that he will take care of us he will work miracles in our lives. Faith can be our anchor that hold us strong and steadfast and we will be immovable. I love Faith. I want to grow my faith and I know that Faith brings miracles!! So I encourage everyone to nourish and strengthen their faith. Be immovable for God. I love you all! And thanks for the wonderful letters and cards! They are great! It is great to hear from you! I wish everyone a good day!

Ke a gorata,
Sister Scott

(P.S. Transfers are again next Monday so we might get new companions againnnnnn)

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