Monday, December 16, 2013

CHRIST IS The Reason For The Season

Dumela My wonderful family and friends!

I hope all is well and everyone is doing okay. So this weel has been absoulutely amazing and crazy on so many levels.So for one, Me and Sister Lyon are companions. Yes we were in the MTC together and we had a blast and now we are together!!! Im so excited and so happy. Honestly this usually doesnt happen. Normally there is a senior companion and we are with someone who has been out longer than us, but boh of us have been out four months so this will be the best transfer!

So this week was pretty crazy for a few reasons. First of all, Sister Lyon was working in a different area, but since we don't have enough sisters anymore she is now in Monarch with me and we are working in Monarch but still seeing her investigators in Francistown so we are going to be really busy! This week I had my first dinner appointment as well! Yay for DA's. One of the members of the bishopric invited us over and we had a traditional Botswana dinner. Can you say amazing??? Honestly it was probably the best food we have ever had so it was really nice. So I really enjoyed that. Also Saturday was our Christmas party, so we didnt really get to teach as many people simply because we were helping and preparing for the party. So we had to help get food and set everything up for the big party! It ended up being so great! We cooked outside over the fire and made just alot of traditional food like samp, and morogo, and chicken and things like that. It was all super good!! The sisters even let us help then cook which was so cool! It really was an African party! We had music and dancing and everything it was so fun! They were just doing alot of dancing and singing and I had so much fun! Everyone was laughing because I told them im officially a Motswana so I of course was singing african songs with them! Ah! I love them all so much. I honestly love the people here and I feel like they are my family and that my family just got way bigger! It was pretty much the best party ever! I can't wait for next year :)

Also this week we had interviews with the mission president where he just sits and talks with each of us and sees how we are doing. It was really nice as always and he told me that he is really excited to see what happens with me and Sister Lyon. We both are brand new on mission but he has high hopes for both us of so I feel super motivated to work as hard as I can! Im super excited! We have a few baptisms coming up and so i'm super excited for those as well. We are teaching our group presidents sister and her name is Maipelo. She is great! She is very sweet and we have only taught a few times but I can tell she is going to grow so much. She just listens and smiles and says how beautiful it is and she said she already knows that she needs to be baptized. It is just so cute!!! I love her already! I just love everyone and im so happy! Teaching her just really made me see how important family is. Families are a gift from God and I wonder what heaven will be like if my family is not there. I dont think it would be very nice, so its so important that we share this gospel with them. That we bring our families together especially during this Christmas season. We should all remember that Christ is the reason. 

Ke a gorata,
Sister Scott

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