Monday, December 9, 2013

All I Want For Christmas..........

Dumela my lovely friends and family!

Well its about that time. Time for the holidays and Christmas season even though I will be having a very hot Christmas I definitely am pretty excited! So things have been pretty crazy and pretty hectic as well so this letter might be short and all over the place so my apologies! So today is transfer day so missionaries are leaving and guess what... IM STAYING HERE. haha. Almost all of the other missionaries are going to new areas but im staying in the same one still lol so either im doing really good or I've been forgotten haha. So yes I am getting a new companion again, I don't know who it will be so for the mean time me and Sister Lyon are going to be together again working in two areas, both Monarch and Francistown which is like the two of us covering both Little Rock and North Little Rock haha. So this will be fun! PLus Sister Vuki, the one from Tonga she is leaving! She left yesterday and her mission is over so im pretty sad but she stays in Utah so I will definitely see her again! But her parents are coming to get her so that's pretty exciting!

Anywho this week has been a crazy one indeed. Since last week we pretty much knew that Sister Twongeirwe was leaving so we tried to work really hard. Monday we had another braii and so we grilled meat and then watched a movie(only church approved) haha and just hung out. It was super nice. This week we really focused on a lot of less actives and just doing our best. The average for missionaries is to teach about 24 lessons and we hade like 34 so we were pretty much on fire. Its just amazing to me how many less actives there already are when the church has only been around a few years, maybe like 4. So that's something that I definitely want to change and also focus on. I don't want to leave burdens and just baptize anyone. I just want to bring people that will be stable and stay strong, that are truly converted to the gospel. So this week was also great because I finished the Book of Mormon. It took me about 3 months and 2 weeks. But it was so great! I just love it. My favorite chapters are Ether 12 and Moroni 7. They are pretty much the best. I learned so much about faith, charity and the atonement. Ah! I'm just really happy! Something that I learned the most is about patience. Sometimes its easy to just get upset and also just get impatient with people. Sometimes its easy to just stop teaching someone after they dot do what you ask, or they wont come to church, or they wont read. But something I realized is that God is very patient with me so I need to be patient with other people as well. Sometimes I forget that its not my mission at all but that it is HIS mission. So my goal is to do what he would do and say what he would say and be an example of Christ.

I love this work and I see the spirit working in and through us everyday. This week something pretty amazing happened. So im learning Setswana. Little by little and when I say little I mean little haha. I know just random words and things like that. So we have two investigators, a mother and daughter and they barely speak English at all. So we went this week to check on them and we didn't have a member with us to translate so we were just planning on making an appointment. So we go and talk to them and they tell us they want us to teach. So honestly I went into panic mode. I was just thinking, "They don't understand us and we don't understand them we just need to come back." But they said they wanted us to teach and if we just teach slow they will be able to understand. So im panicking like 100% but I think, "Okay, here we go." So the lesson was on the Word of Wisdom so I started off teaching, completely overwhelmed and all. So as we keep teaching and talking to them, for the first time they were understanding everything we were saying. Even though they couldn't really understand English they understood and even talked back to us. That moment was so memorable and amazing. I know that it was only through the spirit that we could understand one another and even get them to commit to living it. I just have a testimony that God definitely makes a way for his righteous purposes. We are just instruments in his hands. We are that clay in his hands and he molds us into who he wants us to be.

But anyway things are going pretty great! Sorry this letter is short but things are pretty crazy!  Also thanks everyone for the letters they are wonderful! So thank you all and I love you all! Ke a gorata!

Sister Scott

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