Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Prayer Is The Passport To Peace

Happy Monday everyone!!!! Well its a holiday here and very festive I might add but here we are at the email shop updating our family and friends on the happenings :)
I hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful week last week! Our week was a good week as well. I am just loving the new branch I am in, I can't lie. It is super awesome and I hope I stay here until I go home! The people are wonderful and great and we even have 4 baptisms scheduled and we have more we are planning to invite this week! Our area is definitely on fire!
So I feel like I should tell you that we have some of the greatest investigators. Good and bad haha but greatest! So here is an update just so you know who we are working with! There is one that we have named Brother Mwape who is a 32 year old man who is slightly obsessed with America and Me. He is very smart but LOVES to talk. This week we taught about the Plan of Salvation and we were trying to explain how the fall of Adam and Eve was part of Gods plan but he just couldnt accept it. We read in 2 Nephi and even in the bible but he is struggling to see it as a good thing. He is so funny. He cracks jokes alot and tells us that he is dating Bill Gates daughter. Any time he calls us he tells me to say hello to all the people in America so this is on his behalf. Ah. He is great. Hopefully we can help him progress! :)
Another one that we saw this week was a man named Domiciano Timbo. He is a man from Malawi that moved here for work. We found him one day becase he just came up to us and said he needed the word of God. So this week we went and visited with him outside of his work place and we sat and he told us that he wants to change and grow closer to God. He said that all of his family and friends don't think he can but he wants to show them. Honestly I felt it in my heart and happily enough he came to church on Sunday and he told me that ''Im part of you. I will come every single week.'' So that was exciting. I can see the potential in him!
So those are just a few but this week was great. Even Friday we had to chance to do District service and to help clean one of the members home! Hopefully you all see the picture! We had a great time and it was wonderful. Even Sunday was very great as we had our first fast and testimony meeting. It was honestly so powerful! I felt the spirit so strong and I learned so many things! I truly understand the importance of testimonies and how we need to be firmly rooted in the gospel and in our testimonies. I know that our testimonies will be our weapon in the fight against Satan. They truly are recorded in heaven and I even know that our testimonies are there to help even on the other side of the veil. When we share them, we grow. When we hide them they will eventually die. It was very powerful.
So for me this week was a very good one and even some thoughts that I have had I would  even like to share about doing the will of God. In Helaman chapter 10 we read about Nephi and how because of his strict obedience and even his unwearyingness that he was blessed with the power to accomplish anything that he commanded to happen. I love verse 4  and 5.  But especially verse 4 that states, '' Blessed are thou Nephi for those things thou hast done; for I have beheld how thou hast with unwearyingness declared the word which I have given unto thee unto this people. And thou hast not feared them, and hast not sought thine own life but hast sought my will and to keep my commandments.'' Something that we learn is that Nephi did the will of God and he was blessed. Often time we think that WE know the best thing and we try to succeed and even justify the things that we do but we learn that when we seek the will of God we will be blessed like Nephi. God will also trust us. One thing I learned was that we should always seek the will of God first. Selfishness is our ''natural man'' and thinking of how this will affect us but we should always think how would  God react and seek for his will to be done. I know that when we do this, when we align our will with Gods we will find success. Satan will try us of course, but we will have more help and aid from our God when we do his will. I love you and I pray that you have a great week! This friday is my ONE YEAR MARK. I can't believe that I have been here for a year already but i'm so grateful for the things that I have learned and experienced because they are shaping me into the woman that God wants me to become. Be faithful and fearless.
Sister Scott

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