Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rolling In The Deep

Hello Hello HELLO! 

How is everyone doing this lovely week?! My apologies for last week, we had a farewell for one of the Sister missionaries who went home to Uganda so we didn't have much time to email but is was a great week and this week was super great as well!!! 

So for those of you who didn't know, previously we were living with 7 sisters in a flat and so this week was pretty crazy since Monday we had to move into a new house! Our brand new place, so it was nice. We live in a nice two story house and it is pretty big for us two, so we are lucky. This week was pretty mellow but slightly stressful since we have most of our investigators on date so that means lots of tracting and contacting so that we can find more people to teach. So this week we did alot of that! But we also saw some of our amazing progressing investigators. So the first one we saw is Brother Nkhata. Brother Nkhata is so POWERFUL. We don't teach him, he teaches us and the spirit  is always so strong. This week we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and about prophets. He is simply amazing!  There was a very powerful moment this week where he pretty much made me speechless. We were teaching him and I asked him if he had any questions and he just sat there and he said you know there is only one question you should ask me and that is if I believe all of these things that you are saying. So of course it caught me off guard and so I said okay do you believe in the things that we have shared with you. He sat there for a moment and then looked at us and just said these simple words. "I know that this is the true church. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and I know that this gospel is true. This gospel is true and it is not just for me or for you but for every person out there." Honestly it was the most amazing moment ever and the spirit was so strong. I had tears in my eyes. I am so excited and happy for him to be baptized this s\Sunday!!!! So we are looking forward to that very much!

Also we have other investigators Adrian and David who are the cutest things ever. They are 9 and 14 are the children of one of the members. We started teaching them and we have them set to get baptized the first week of October. I am pretty excited for that as well. One thing that makes me sad though is that they do not know how to read English or their language. Apparently the government here doesn't require people to know how to read and write to pass their exams. They don't teach them how to read or write but to speak and so that is something that makes me very sad. So along with teaching them about the gospel we are also trying to start English classes for the children. So we want to leave them at least better than we found them.

One things that I know is that our Heavenly Father gives us so much to delight in. I was talking with my companion the other night and I was telling her that I don't think I will ever be 100% when I go home because before mission I was content and I thought that my life was great. I was living in this box. But now that I have come here and experienced a different life it is something that I will think about all of the time. I will miss it so much and I will always feel like a piece of me is here. Each day being here also makes me so much more grateful for the things that I have at home. I realize that my life is very easy and simple compared to other peoples and I want to become more grateful and changed when I go home. 

So one thing that we learned this week that left a big impact on my heart is our lesson we had this week on Charity. Many of us just think of charity simply as the pure love of Christ. Helping those that need help and giving to those that stand in need. But Charity is much more than that. It is something that comes from the depths of our heart and its is shown in our patience, our kindness, our selflessness, and much more. In Moroni 7 it talks alot about Charity. Something that we emphasized is how charity NEVER fails and we will only be saved if we have charity! No matter how much knowledge you have or wisdom, riches, humility, or gratitude we need Charity. That is something that I want and I need. I strive to be a true disiciple of Christ and to have true charity. I love my Heavenly Father. He guides me and he leads me. He is always there. Well i love you all and i hope you have a great week! 

Love Sister Scot

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