Tuesday, August 12, 2014

12 Months . One year I MADE IT.!!!

Yes this week was BY far the best week on mission since I hit my year mark!!!!! Honestly, it was a great week and im a little in shock that I made it this far.
So yeah this week was filled with a lot of spiritual moments that honestly I will never forget. So Wednesday was great, since we had the chance to participate in our Zone Conference. (Pics coming soon). Honestly it was so great. We got a chance to hear from different speakers but most important, President Erickson. He spoke alot about the priesthood and the spiritual blessings that we can obtain from the priesthood and through our calling as a missionary. He told us that this is the time of our lives that Heavenly Father can teach us more than we could have ever learned. We also discussed D&C 121 and what it means to be called and to be chosen. It states that Many are called but few are chosen. There is a difference between the two, but I never really paid attention before. He said that everyone can be called because that simply means that you have a desire. When we want to serve God then we are called to the work. But to be chosen we must be obedient and our heart must be in the right place. We must be favored. We must exercise our agency righteously.
Something else that was really powerful was the lesson by Sister Erickson. She told us that there are 4 wys to have good realtionships that will bring us happiness in our lives. Not just our companionships but in our relationships and marriages. These 4 skills will help us be happy. 1.  Be impeccable with your word. We should be careful of the words we say. Use only words in truth and righteousness. 2. Don't take anything personal. She said that we should not take offensive easily. Always remember that nothing others do is because of you. Dont go through life being a victim of what others say and do. 3. Don't make assumptions That is pretty easy to undesratnd and 4. Always do your best You will avoid regret if you always do your best.
So I can say that it was the most inspired conference and I truly learned more than I ever could have. It was so great! So other than that we had a really great week with really great lessons as well. Friday was great since I hit one year. I can't even believe it had been that long! The other sisters were so great to us. We went out for milkshakes and then we got home and they surprised us by throwing baby powder on us and then they decorated and we had a big dinner together. It was so very nice and I enjoyed it alot. I can't believe that one year ago I was leaving my home. I know that I have grown SO much. Much more than I thought that I would. I have went through more than I could have imagined on mission. People always tell you what to expect and it has been much more than that. Truly.
One inspiring moment that I had this week among the others was a lesson that we had with one of our new investigators Domiciano Timbo. He is about 30 or so and a very humble and kind man. We met him just on the road one day, he is a garbage collector and he came up to us and talked to us and said he wanted us to come and see him. I have to be honest, I didnt really think much of it at first and I wasn't exactly sure how educated he was so I had doubts in my mind. But we went and taught him and then he came to church. This past week we didn't get to teach him but yesterday he came to church again and looking so great! He honestly looks like a different person. So after church we sit down to teach him and we start with sharing about the Plan of Salvation. As I was teaching him about the pre earth life the spirit that I felt was so strong! Honestly, I could feel it as I explained to him that he lived with God and that God loved us so much that he provided a plan and then a light went off and his face just lit up and he said "Wow, so you mean that God did all of this because he loves us?" It was amazing to see his spirit just soak up everything and testify to him. As we continued to talk to him he just understood everything so perfectly. I knew then that it was right. We invited him to ba baptized and he accepted. As soon as we were done his face just turned and he looked so sad. He started telling us that he cant come to the Lords house with all of the things in his past and he opened up to us alot about his struggle in the past and the struggle that he had with alcohol and how they destroyed not only his marriage but his family. The sadness in his eyes was so real. I honestly had tears in my eyes. I could feel his pain and also his desire to change. I told him that Heavenly Father sees him and loves him. The Atonement is real. The Savior paid for his sins but he always has to learn to forgive himself. Right when I said that he smiled and he even said he wants to get baptized. I know that Heavnly Father is real. That Jesus Christ lives. I know that for a fact and with surety. I know that these are his children. I know that we have a work to do. I am looking forward to baptizing him and hopefully his family. The gospel can change peoples lives. Honestly. I'm so grateful I chose to serve a mission. I know that it will impact my life for now and eternity. I love the gospel. We will be tried and we will be tested but we must be true and faithful.
I want you to know that I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!!!!! 

   Sister Scott

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