Monday, March 24, 2014

She Has Arrived


Hello my lovely people! I hope that everyone is doing well!!! Well I don't even know where to start for me. This week has been like a roller coaster! So Monday was a pretty busy and kind of sad day. Me and Sister Rawlins were pretty sad all week since we knew she was leaving and that we wouldn't be companions so we decided to treat ourselves to KFC (yes there is a KFC here even though no one even knows what it stands for!) So that was great! The week was pretty good though. It was a somewhat slow week though, we didn't have many lessons and spent a lot of time contacting. I guess i can say the best part of the week was when I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sister Mbele haha. Yes I'm officially a trainer now! We got a call on Wednesday and they told us that my new companion was coming later that night at like 8 or 9 so of course I had anxiety all day long! I thought I would have a heart attack but she showed up around 9 and we went to bed and Thursday was our first day. Since she is from the MTC now we stay in until 10 training in the mornings and just practicing and doing role plays and such. She is so great! She is from South Africa in East London. She is 20 years old and its only her, her aunt and cousins that are members. She is truly inspiring and great. When I look at her I just remember when I first came and how homesick I was.  So since she is going through that same thing it is really making me feel like a greater love for her. She really is great though. We have a lot of fun and laugh and joke and I already know that I will love training her!
So these past few days we have just spent really just showing her around and just teaching her how to teach. Honestly I feel like i've already learned so much. Having to be a good example is definitely pushing me to be a better representative of the Savior. One thing that I definitely realized this week is that a mission is hard until you love the people and you love the work. When I first got to Malawi I felt like it was so hard because I was missing Botswana so much. So this week we were in a lesson and I just had this overwhelming love just fill my chest and this sweet happiness. I just felt like I was seeing him through our Heavenly Fathers eyes. I realized then that I really do love the people here and that is how we should see everyone that we meet each day. Each person we see we should look at through our Heavenly Fathers eyes and for their true potential. The gospel helps us do that and helps them reach that potential. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to even be here in Malawi and to be a representative of the Savior Jesus Christ. Im grateful that each day I get to be his hands and make others feel the love that he has for them. I know that this is a true calling and Im so lucky to have the gospel and to know the truth. I look forward to even helping my companion to develop that same love for our brothers and sisters here. I love you all and appreciate all of the letters and emails and pictures!!!!! You are all so great!

Love Sister Scott

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