Monday, March 10, 2014

7 Months of Miracles

Greetings my lovely family and friends!
I hope all is well on that side of the globe. First off I just want to say thanks to everyone for their wonderful emails and letters. They are truly uplifting and thoughtful! I love you all and I think you are great! Agh So i don't even know what to say about his week except my stress level has been pretty high! I have realized that I am a worrier and I worry about things ALOT hah sometimes its good sometimes its bad. So other than that this week was pretty great. So this week we had the chance to do exchanges and so I was working with Sister Getts (The Sister Training Leader) in my area which was pretty great. She is a year on mission and she is from Montana so we worked together in my area and it was a learning experience. Its always great to work with different people because you learn to teach better and how to be a better missionary.It was truly an eye opening day for me in a few different reasons. So we actually had our day pretty planned out but of course things never go according to plan and a few appointments fell through so we had a few hours open to just do contacting and some finding. So we drive around trying to decide where to go and we were about to stop in one area but i had a feeling we should go further into this nicer area, so we did. We get out and we are talking to people and then we pass a lady on the street and we speak to her and she stops and starts talking to us. She tells us that she used to be taught by missionaries (5 times) and that she has a Book of Mormon and she used to come to church every week but it had been years since the last time. We talk to her and she tells us that she doesnt actually live over there but she just happened to be in that area at that specific time. Man. It was so powerful. We knew then that we had been led to go to that area so that we could find her and if we had stopped earlier where we were going to, we probably would have never met her.
So if that wasn't powerful enough we then head towards the car because it was geting late and we had another appointment but we saw that we had 10 minutes so we decide we would go down one more street. So as we start walking we come to a street that has two right turns so we could either take the first or we could take the second. So Sister Getts asks me which we should take and then we decide to take the second. As soon as we turn the corner we see a man sitting outside of his house. We speak to him and he calls us over to talk to him. As we go into the yard and introduce ourselves he tells us that we are exactly who he is looking for and that he has been searching for "spiritual food" and wants to be spiritually fed. He was so excited and very adament. We knew that we had been led there for a reason. A simple choice of which street led us to finding someone that Heavenly Father was preparing to meet us. I honestly know that God prepares people to receive us. That as we do our parts and we open our mouths, then God can lead us to the people or the people will be led to us. I know that God has a hand in the work and as we live worthy of the spirit we can be lead to know what to do, where to go, and what to say. There is no way to do missionary work without the Lord. This is his work and these are his children. I love being a missionary. This week I reached 7 months and I realized that time is going by fast. I have had 7 months of miracles and I hope to have those 11 more. I love you all and thanks so much for the love and the emails! Have a great week!

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