Monday, February 17, 2014

Priesthood Blessings

Hello my dear family and friends
So man what a crazy week this has been. I really don't even know were to start! So this week was pretty much  uneventful as far as missionary work goes for a few reasons but the biggest I would have to say: Sicknesses. So the past few weeks I have feeling pretty sick. I don't know if its change of climate or the food or what but almost everyday I just have been feeling so bad! But the thing is, all the missionaries have been feeling a little down so we all thought we would just get better. So Tuesday I woke up feeling the worst. I honestly couldn't even go out so me and my companion stayed in and I just rested and I started feeling better later in the afternoon. However when I woke up then my companion was feeling worse! She was having a headache, chills and just feeling bad so we decided to just stay in and she even took her temperature and it was over 100 so we knew we needed to stay in. So we both were pretty much in bad shape for the rest of the day.
So the next day my companion was feeling even worse so we went ahead and went to the hospital. They did the tests and all and lo and behold the doctor told her she had 4+ Malaria which is the most severe Malaria so she had to stay in the hospital until she got better. Man we were both scared but we knew it had to be done. So we were in the hospital and I felt so bad for her. Man Malaria is the worst for anyone who doesn't know and Malawi has like the highest rate for it so it was pretty crazy. But luckily she got a priesthood blessing and the next day her Malaria was gone. The doctors were all in awe and they were saying that never happens and it was a miracle and it was so amazing to see. Its amazing to see how the power of God, the priesthood can really work miracles. We knew that it was only God. So my week was spent just kind of caring for her and all which I think definitely made us grow closer lol. She finally got to come home on Saturday and so now we are just kind of taking it slow for the next few days until she can regain her strength. So unfortunately I don't have any huge moments that happened but It has definitely built my testimony of the priesthood power. I know that if we have the faith, that we can be healed and I know that this church is true. We have the power, the priesthood, and it is truly the power of God and I can't deny it and the miracles I have seen. I pray that all those who have the priesthood live worthy of this amazing privledge and responsibility so that you can bless the lives of God's children. I love you all and I'm so glad to be here serving the Lord. I know that it is only for a short time and I hope that I can share this message of the Restored gospel with the whole world.
Sister Scott

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  1. Hi
    This story about your companion is a great one. Would I be able to share it on the Area website please? I will email you about it.
    C Burgoyne