Monday, November 18, 2013

Putting On My Big Girl Shoes

Dumela my dear family and friends!! Im done training! I'm not new anymore!

How is everyone? I hope all is okay and well! So this week has been pure craziness haha just ups and downs!! So last time I left off my companion was leaving and I was in the process of getting a new one and I was freaking out! So that is pretty much how my week started!!! Since all the missionaries went out of town to the transfer meeting it was just me and Sister Lyon(who have only been here 3 months) left in charge of our areas! I honestly was scared out of my mine! I just knew everything would be crazy and guess what? It was great. We spent one day teaching in her area and the next one teaching in mine so I had to lead the lessons and it was seriously the best time ever! I thought I wasnt ready and I didnt know enough but when it was time to put on my big girl shoes I did it! I was very surprised with myself. I definitely feel like a real missionary now. I can do this! So then Wednesday the missionaries came back and we got new companions and guess who my new companion is? Sister Twongeirwe!! Shes from Uganda in case you forgot and so now we are both working in Monarch together. Im pretty excited! We both work really hard and I know that we are going to make lots of changes in Africa! We also got two new sisters in our area Sister Faux(from Idaho) and Sister Anderson(from Utah).  Sister Faux just came from the MTC but Sister Anderson has been out like 9 months on mission. She is my trainers trainer so shes is pretty amazing! 

This week though we have worked super hard! Lots of tracting and finding and we have had lots of success! We have been finding fathers and familes and it is just so great! The church is true guys! God definitely looks out for us because whenever we have a hard time something happens that just turns it all around! God is great!! So i felt super bad for Sister Two this week because it was her first day in Monarch and I was showing her around and all that. So we went to a members house that was leaving for his mission so we could say goodbye and she sat her stuff on top of the car. So we stay and talk to him and his family, take pictures and have a good time. So we noticed the time and remembered we had an appointment so we said our goodbyes and headed to our appointment. And guess what we forgot? Her stuff on top of the car. So yeah. It was gone. Her journal, hymn book and planner! I felt so bad since it was her first day in the area and we went back and of course it was all gone so yeah we win some we lose some!

On another note I have continued my Book of Mormon reading and I am currently in 3 Nephi (aka the best part of the Book) and Jesus Christ is in the Americas! It is so awesome and I am learning so much! So as I was reading I realized that much of the focus of our work as missionaries is actually reactivating less actives and just trying to get them to come back to church. Many of them get out of church and have been gone for months or even years and they just feel like they can't come back. I was reading 3 Nephi 9:14 and It really touched my heart. Jesus Christ is talking to the people and he says "Yea verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life.  Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you and whosoever will come him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me." As i read this verse it just really hit me that the love that God and Jesus have for us is infinite. It never ends. His arms are always open for us to come back. No matter how far away we feel, or how far away we go from him, he will never leave us. He will never give up on us. His love never ends. So this is something that I felt impressed to share with not only my less actives here in Africa but with everyone. We never run out of chances. We can always start over. I love you all and I pray that everyone knows the love I have for them and the love that God has for you as well! Everyday here is a blessing and I am learning that God is molding me into something great. I love it here and I love God! I know that all of this is true so stay strong and hold on!

I love you all and wish you the best! 

Until we meet again! 
Sister Scott

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