Monday, November 11, 2013


Hey Guys Its been 3 months!!!

So this week has been pretty crazy! We have been super busy doing so many things and so many new things have happened! So I told you about the measles campaign last time and so that continued this week! Tuesday we met with the other members in the group and we went around and passed out flyers and just talked to everyone informing them about the vaccinations! That took a lot of time and we did lots of walking but I think it was pretty successful. A lot of people took their children and the clinics actually ran out of vaccinations ever single day so that shows! Then Thursday we had to spend half of the day helping the senior couples move from one place to another. So we were not able to teach as many people as we would have liked! And the same thing happened on Saturday. Me and my companion Sister Gehring live in a different complex than the other sisters and so  the president said he wanted us all to live in the same complex so we moved all four of the other sisters over to ours and it took quite a while! Lol it definitely made me never want to ever move anywhere lol but yeah it is nice now because I will have neighbors!

So other news... Transfers! I am not going anywhere! BUT my companion is. Tuesday the President of the mission called and told Sister Gehring that her residency was denied and that her permit expired and so she doesn't have a visa to stay in the country. He then said that she had until th20th of Novmber and then they would figure out what else to do. So he told the same thing  about 5 other sisters and so when you dont have a visa you cant stay in the country..... and Friday during the day the President called and told us that Sister Gehring was leaving and so now that means I will be getting a new companion but I don't know who it will be yet so I have to wait until Wednesday to see! So more than likely I will be staying in this area of Monarch until about February because now I am the only sister that knows the area so that means I will be leading!! None of us are really getting approved for residency and so that means that we will have to go another country, but Botswana is the safest country in Africa so I will have no idea what will happen to any of us!!!! I am so excited but i'm a little nervous! It is a big responsibility to lead an area but I definitely feel like it is a big privilege and the Lord has definitely trusted me to lead an area so I will be trying my hardest and working my hardest as well! I am also nervous because my residency will be expired soon as well so I will be praying that hearts will be softened!

So My week has been pretty hectic and stressful so sorry for the lack of spiritual thoughts. But I have been reading the Book of Mormon all the way through and now I am in Helaman. I read a few verses that definitely touched my heart and it is Helaman 3:27-29 and its just made me realize the love that God has for each and every one of us! He died for us all. Salvation is free if we turn to him. He loves us and I love you all!!!! Im saying goodbye to my companion after this so more to come next week!!!

Sister Scott

(P.S. Feel free to send letters and cards because I love to hear from you all!!! And thanks to everyone that has already sent me things!!!) My address

Sister Kyrstal Scott
Botswana/Namibia Mission
PO BOX 301797
Selepa Francistown
Botswana Africa

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