Friday, November 21, 2014

Wednesday on the other hand was another meeting, our zone conference. It was all of the missionaries in the city so quite a few and we were instructed on different things and lessons. One of them was probably my favorite that touched me the most by Sister Erickson when she spoke of having our strength ‘’faithened.’’ She reminded us that in this past conference one of the men who gave a prayer actually made a mistake in his prayer, which im sure was due to nervousness or other factors that contribute to stress. In his prayer he prayed that we would have our strength ‘’faithened’’ when in reality he meant to say have our faith strengthened. So she actually knew the man who gave the prayer and told us that a lot of time we do focus on strengthening our faith but, it’s not often that we focus on faithening our strength. She said that we need to add faith to our strength. We shouldn’t just depend on what WE can do alone but what WE can do WITH the Lord. We should be like Nephi in 2 Nephi 4:34. He says that he trusts on the Lord and will not trust in the arm of flesh. Us as human beings we cant do anything compared to what we can do with the Lord. It says that, ‘’.. for I know that cursed is he that putteth his trust in man or maketh flesh his arm.’’ Our Heavenly Father always expects us to use our own strength but he never expects us to do it alone. We need to rely on the Lord.
So the rest of the week was a little slow since we just focused on our two investigators Meriam and Elizabeth. I have really enjoyed teaching both of them so much. They are both very dedicated and determined people and they are growing so much every day. Sister Meriam has actually been quite sick with high BP and things of that nature so she was down this week a lot but we continued to go and encourage her and prepare her. But since there must be opposition in all things, of course we faced trials yesterday on her baptism day. The water wasn’t working and so we weren’t able to fill up the font. So sadly she wasn’t able to get baptized but it was her birthday so we did go to her home and celebrate with her and her family! It was really nice. So now we have moved her date to the same with her daughter in law so they will both be baptized the 30th of November.

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