Monday, November 3, 2014


Mulibwanji :)

Bwino. :)

Yes my dear family and friends how are you?? I hope that you are well and that everyone had a great week as we enter into a brand new month! I cant believe its November already. It seems as though time just keeps on flying by! Just like the weeks! So even though nothing big happened this week it was still a great week! So we are still teaching the same people and preparing them for baptism which i'm super excited for! Our investigators are so great. They arent even baptized and they are giving us refferals for other people which is pretty sweet! Our awesome investigator Sister Meriam Nasilele gave us a referral for her nephew Andrew this week and it was quite an experience that I wont ever forget.
   Andrew is a 30 year old young man that we went and visited this past week on Friday. When we went inside he was sitting on the bed and he told us that his aunt had told him about us and how excited he was to meet us and see us. The sad thing is that Andrew has went through so much. In February of this year he had started to have pains and sores on his legs and it started to spread and the doctors didnt know what the problem wa so they ended up amputating the leg. Just a few weeks ago the other leg was doing the same thing and so they decided they needed to amputate it as well. The thing is, he went to a different hospital and the operation didn't go as well as the first. As I sat across from him he asked if he could show me his leg and He started to unfold his pants. As he raised the leg up I honestly didn't know whether to cry or what. The doctors didn't even close up his leg at all. It is still open and you can see inside and i'm sure that it is getting infected because it also looked like it was. Man my heart was honestly broken. I felt the tears coming and I just couldn't understand how they sent him home with his leg still open at the knee. But the thing about Andrew was that he was so positive. He told us that he just wants to be close to God because he doesn't have anything else. He said that he has lived in the world and now he realizes that there is nothing out there for him. He has strong faith. He just kept telling us how happy he was that we came and how grateful he was. So now we are working on getting Andrew a wheelchair so that he can come to church. I have high hopes for him and I hope that we can do something for him that will change his life but its so great to see that he already sees that the gospel is the key.
So this week as well was great since we had a wonderful teaching opportunity with the father of the children that we have recently been baptizing. He allowed us to come and visit with him and so we decided to bring Brother Kabuyana a return missionary along with us for the visit. Brother Shonga (The father) was very prepared and had questions and things that he wanted us to answer. For him he is a devout Catholic and somewhat hesitant about the church and the gospel that we share. I think that he is scare that we are leading his family astray and so he has trouble believing the Restoration and the Prophet Joseph Smith. I guess the powerful moment that really impressed me was when Brother Kabuyana shared a pwoerful testimony about the prophet Joseph Smith. He said that No other prophet can ever compare with Joseph Smith. These days we hear of so many false prophets and people that claim to have the power of God but Joseph Smith is the only prophet that claimed to see God and Jesus Christ. He is the only one that did. Most people don't even believe that you can see God. But he did. When he said that, I felt the spirit so strong and I knew that even my own testimony was strengthen by that. Even though we didnt 100% convince him I know that the spirit touched him somewhere deep down and I have hope that one day he will see.
Honesty Im so grateful that I came on a mission. I don't even know if I had a testimony before. I knew things but I didn't really feel things. But know I know and I feel. I know that the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It is the keystone of our religion and to our salvation. I know that God loves us and that the book is true! As i read and study each day God opens my mind more and more and I am able to see the miracles and the mysterious that he has. If I didnt convert anyone else during my time here I have definitely converted myself. The gospel is the diamond that one should never let go!
Favorite verse this week: Mosiah 14:6 ''All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquities of us all''

Love Sister Scott
Have a blessed week! 

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