Saturday, November 1, 2014



Yes we are free!

Well atleast the people of Zambia are since they celebrated 50 years of Independence this Friday. :) 
How are you my lovely family and friends?! I see and hear that you all are having way too much fun since i've been gone! I love you guys though and just know the parties must continue when I get home! 
So my week was somewhat slow but very good since we had another baptism! Yes we can definitely say that we are on fire! Baptism number 5 and we are hoping that we can keep up the hard work. So this week was very swell! We are teaching some really sweet and amazing people and i'm super excited to get them close to the waters of Mormon (Hahah). So we are still teaching our investigator Sister Nasilele and her daughter in law as well. They are both so great, unfortunately she has been very very sick this week. She suffers from high BP and also she got malaria and so she practically lost all strength. It was really sad to see. Her family as well is very impoverished yet the faith that they have is so wonderful and empowering. She is truly inspiring. This week I decided that I want to have more spiritual experiences and so I need to record those moments that I have. So everyday at the end of the day I have started writing down my little miracle or spiritual prompting that I had that day. So I had a wonderful experience this week as we visited with Sister Nasilele. She was talking to us and just explaining to us many of her struggles  that she is having. She honestly is so heartfelt and my heart just was melting as she told us of how she doesn't have anything at all. But she trusts in God. I felt prompted at that time to share with her Alma 34:41 that states that we should bear with patience our afflictions and then we can look forward to one day that we will rest. The spirit I felt was strong and I knew that everyone felt it too. I know that the spirit had brought it to my remembrance and that is something that I am so grateful for. 
Also this week on Friday was Independence day and to avoid all of the commotion we had to go in at 2pm and luckily enough it was my companions birthday as well and so we invited all of the sisters over for a braii. I t was a blast. We played South African games (which i will show you all when i return) and listened to music and ate lots and lots and lots of food! It was super fun. My companion turned 29 so she had a blast. 
Also Sunday was great since we had another baptism, number 5 of our sweet Emma. She was one of those runners before we met her haha missionaries had taught her everything in and out, had given her dates for baptism, and she always bailed. Everyone was so shocked that we got her to be baptized and I love the girl so much she is the sweetest thing ever! 
For me personally I am just trying my best to enjoy all that I can while I am here. I will be hitting 15 months soon! and starting my countdown to Christmas! I'm so grateful to be here and for everything I have learned and experienced. One thing I know is that I am one strong girl. I have learned that in and out. I have met people that have changed my life forever and made me see things I never have and I know that it was God's plan. I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL and im grateful for all that you do!!!!
2 Nephi 33:12


Sister Scott

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