Monday, April 28, 2014

We Are HIS Hands

Hello my family and friends!!!

Well all is well on this side of the globe in good ol' Malawi! This week was like the rest except a little more stressful but also good. Sad news: Im officially sick for the first time on mission. Yes that is probably the saddest part about this week. I haven't felt very well so we didnt get as much done as usual. On brighter notes this week was another week full of contacting and finding people.
I think that this is a majority of what we do everyday. We go out and we talk to people or we knock on doors and gates until we find someone to teach. Honestly sometimes its exhausting but this past week I have just been contemplating alot on turning 9 months. I'm getting ready to hit my halfway mark and I was just thinking about where I am so far and how I want to improve. Mission at first seems so long! You get your mission call and you're like "18 months???? That's so long!" Now that I am here I just feel like 18 months is not long enough. Missionary work is something that is so rewarding in so many ways. It not only is for the people that you meet, and teach but it is also for you personally. Mission has taught me so many things that I will keep for the rest of my life. I have realized that we are not just becoming missionaries we are becoming disciples of Christ.
Disciples are not only there to follow but also to emulate the Savior. We as missionaries are becoming disciples but also as members of the true church of Jesus Christ need to emulate Christ in all that we do. Our thoughts, words, and actions should be those that Christ himself would think. say or do. One way that we ourselves have found this out is by serving those around us. Since we often times cant find people to teach we just go and try to find service to do. This time f year is harvest time in Malawi so everyone is shucking their corn and making it into "nsima" kind of a thick porridge that everyone in Africa eats. It is a mixture of ground maize and flour and other things. So this week we went around and offered to help people shuck their corn. Man it was great. Sometimes people are very skeptical of us and they don't want to let us in or they just want us to help so they can sit and watch and giggle at us but no matter what, we do it. So this week we had the opporunity to shuck corn for a very nice lady and her family. When we walked in their yard they just stared at us, not very friendly. So once we started to help them they slowly one by one started to smile and talk to us. We were able to talk with them and eventually share what we do and make another appointment for us to go back and teach them. That truly was a testimony builder for me because I know that service really does soften peoples hearts and that sometimes it is the way that we can share the gospel with others. So i encourage and invite everyone to look for those opportunities to serve others. No matter what it is just helping and I know that Heavenly  Father will soften the hearts of the people.
I know that this is Gods work and im so grateful for the time that I have to be here. I know that this is the Lords work and that he and his angels are preparing the hearts of the world. Preparing us for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you all and I hoe that you have a great and wonderful week!
Thanks for the emails too! :)) They are great!
Sister Scott

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