Monday, April 14, 2014


Mulibwanji my dear family and friends
First off my apologies for the lack of time to email last week. Things have been pretty crazy here and a little overwhelming but hopefully they will get better. This week was pretty hard honestly. Sometimes you feel like your pushing up against a brick wall and you just get so tired of even trying. That is kind of how I was feeling.

So I guess the harder thing was that this past week our President let us know that we no longer need to teach men or the opposite sex without another women with us. In the past it hasn't been a rule enforced because we don't really have enough members and so we can't teach but it is something that has been set in stone for the mission. So of course this really made this week the hardest one yet. All of our investigators that are interested and that we have been teaching are men and even the ones who are recent convrets are men and so this week we couldn't see any of them because we didn't have a member to go with us. Honestly I feel like my faith is being tried and I was definitely a little disheartened this week. We pretty much just spent all day, everyday talking to people on the streets and making appointments. It was really hard. We had a really hard time because all of the people interested were men and we couldnt teach them so we struggled.
Also this week was my 8th month mark and so I wasn't very excited and happy but I can say that God definitely showed us that he can palce people in our paths. One day we were just walking in the area just picking random houses to visit and we walk past a gate and see a little girl inside. We immediately think "family." So we go and knock and the little girl goes inside and the guard asks us what we need and we ask for the family. The next thing we know, another girl comes out around 10 years old and we tell her we are missionaries and introduce ourselves. She invites us to come in and we go inside and it was a nice house. I definitely was grateful then for all the nieces and nephews I have because i used those kid skills and we taught this little girl about God and also about Jesus Christ. She was so interested and so sweet! Then of course she tells us she wants us to come and teach her family and that her dad is a doctor and her mom is a designer. Yes! God answers prayers. We were both so excited and we even made an appointment to come back. Man, it was so sweet. Even though we didn't teach them yet I know we were led there for a reason and that all of it will work out for our good.

So even though things have been really tough We had a wonderful Sunday and even our people we were not able to see and teach came to church anyway. I just love missionary work guys its so great! Even on my hardest days it makes me so happy to see the tender mercies of the Lord in my life and in the life of those around me. I love you all and I miss you all very much! 8 MONTHS DOWN GUYS! Love you!

Thanks for all of the emails and all of the love
Sister Scott

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