Monday, December 22, 2014

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas (12/15/14)

Muli bwanji!! Ahhhhh another week has come. Another week has gone. And its almost CHRISTMAS! This week. Mmm what can I say? It definitely was one of those weeks! So this week was a little slow for us since my companion has that official FLU. Ha ha. So we weren't really able to do as much as we both wanted but we still worked as hard as we could. But the rainy season has officially started here. That whole saying of "raining cats and dogs" is the story of life here in Zambia. I was definitely rocking the rain boots this week. When it rains it pours. So yeah it was nice for everyone that has been waiting for their farming but for us in the field of missionary work. Success is definitely halted. But we wont stop! So this week we were able to see some of our people. Our recent converts and even to have our zone meeting which i really enjoyed. We learned about the importance of families and even learned about the importance of extending commitments and inviting people to do things. It was really nice and we even got to do role plays! Yes. Every missionaries favorite part of meetings. Haha. Usually I am definitely anti role plays but we got the chance to teach the elders and they pretended to be our investigators. It was so sweet. It was the first time I really enjoyed doing a role play. It wasn't like it was fake it honestly felt real and I felt the spirit even teaching all of us. It was very powerful. I enjoyed it a lot. So this week was good.. Full of smiles and laughs and everything good! I guess the highlight was this Sunday at church! It was raining so hard and I had my full rain gear thing going on and we headed to church and of course we had to cross a huge ditch and of course I go for it and boom! The most embarrassing thing ever. My entire skirt just ripped up the back. So there I am on Sunday soaking wet with my skirt ripped open. Yup. Moment of humor so I had to go home and change. And there was a total winning number of 15 people at church. There was one relief society woman so we had to combine with young women. But it was really great! I enjoyed it a lot. So my week was good. Transfers came and are gone and i'm still in the same area for the sixth month with the same companion. I guess I am never moving haha so I don't have my hopes up. So i hope that everyone has a happy and blessed week. I'm sorry that I didn't have a very eventful week buttttt next week I will have lots to share I promise. Alma 5:33 Love Sister Scott

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