Monday, October 13, 2014


:) Good Afternoon my dear family and friendssssssss (:

Well this week was a great one since I hit 14 months!!!!!! Yes it was pretty sweet! My companion said that usually missionaries are dying when they are ending. They start to get lazy and they aren't as energetic but with me she said I act like I just started my mission and i'm super excited all of the time! But its because I just love it!
So Monday we had the opportunity to gather together as sisters and we watched the General Womens Broadcast together at the mission with Sister Erickson. It was a pretty powerful meeting im sure you all know since you watched it before :) So I noticed the theme was clearly temples and how important they are and how we need to better prepare ourselves to go to th temple. I loved the quote that ''The temples are prepared for the people, but the people need to prepare themselves for the temples.'' It was so great and nice. It made me really excited to go home so that I can go to the temple as well. After we watched the conference we had the time for dinner together and it was super nice. The best part was the Sister Lyon came down for a meeting so I got to see her and stay with her at our house! Man, can you say excited?!?!?! I love her so much and we got to spend time which made me oh so happy!

So this week was spent just preparing the kids for their baptism and so we were pretty busy doing that! They did great though. We taught them everyday and then they passed the interviews and they were so happy! They were dancing and so so happy like i've never seen before! It was so sweet! It has been such a wonderful experience teaching them. It really makes me think about having kids one day and how important it is to teach our children the gospel. I know that if my mom didn't teach me as a child that I wouldn't have made it this far!
So this week we also had the chance to visit with our great investigator Meriam Nasilele. So of course she is super powerful and smart so we decide to just review the Restoration again and it was so sweet! She told us that she knew that the church she was going to, The Roman Catholic church was not the right one and she said that she was taken out of darkness into the light when she found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Man, it was so great. She pretty much said she was just waiting to get baptized and she doesn't care about the traditions or anything anymore. So I invited her to baptized and we had planned for a date and I couldn't even remember it so I invited her for the 16th of November. So of course she said she would and she said that specific day was her birthday. Me and Sister Makunye were both shocked because we had no idea! We definitely knew that it was the spirit and we told her she would have two births to celebrate then. She was so happy and at that moment I also felt the love for her that i'm sure God allowed me to feel. That is one thing that I feel Heavenly Father allows us to feel as missionaries sometimes, he pulls back the veil and we can see peoples true potential and feel the love that God has. Its so amazing. 

So of course the baptism was amazing and spectacular and I loved it so much! I love those kids to death and they even have the most powerful testimonies. They said that they feel like new people and they feel changed! I just know that they will do great!
So of course im still working on my reading of the Book of Mormon before I go home. This week I came across a scripture that gave me new light and really was something that I needed to hear. In Alma 37:37 it states, ''Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good.'' So interestingly enough the word counsel stood out to me. When you think counsel you think of sitting down and discussing different issues or problems and you come up with solutions and talk with one another. I thought it was very interesting that Alma says that we should counsel with the Lord. So we should have a relationship with God in which we can share and discuss things with him and express our hearts desires. But more importantly counsel does not mean that we simply talk at the Lord and tell him what we want, but we also LISTEN. That is something that I feel we all need to do as children of God. We need to pour out our hearts to him and then take heed to the counsel that he gives. As the scripture says he will only direct us for ''good.'' I know that it is true. I have a goal to improve my prayers to Heavenly Father and not merely talk, but counsel.
So another great week and another great time that I had to learn. I love serving Heavenly Father and I enjoy the refiners fire. Even though sometimes its hard I know that I can't see the end, but I have faith and trust that he can. If I am obedient and follow him he will lead me for good! Well I love you all and I pray for you all! Next Monday we actually get the opportunity to hear from Quinton L. Cook the twelve apostle when he visits us next week so I am excited for that and will share the thoughts that he gives to us. I know that this church is true and that it has restored for us, today. I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Scott

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